Advertise Your Organisation's Volunteering Opportunities

It's entirely FREE!

Advertising volunteering opportunities through the CVS Cheshire East Volunteering Hub is entirely free for any and all VCFS organisations! All you need is a CVS Volunteer Mangers Account. You can request a CVS Volunteer managers account below; all requests are subject to review before activation by a member of the CVS team. Pending review accounts are generally activated within three working days.  

Request a CVS Volunteer Managers Account

Exisiting CVS Volunteer Managers can login here

We promote volunteering and your organisation's opportunities over four platforms.

The CVS Cheshire East Volunteering Hub Opportunities page, subject to over 1000 searches each month. 

The CVS Cheshire East Volunteering Hub eBulletin, published to those who have pre-registered their interest in volunteering through our services.

The (NEW) CVS Cheshire East Volunteering Hub Facebook page. Dedicated to promoting volunteering in our community.

The CVS Twitter account, leveraging the power of hashtags and promoting volunteering to our 3000+ followers.

CVS currently (Jan 2020) has over 1000 individuals register their interest in volunteering through our website, with around 200 visits to our Cheshire East volunteering opportunities pages each week! Join the hundreds of other local VCFS organisations successfully recruiting volunteers through our website and add some more personnel to your team. 

Inspiring volunteering within the Cheshire East community is one of the CVS mission statements. We do a lot of work with our CVS Member organisations and the general public in promoting and encouraging people into volunteering, part of this work includes hosting a volunteer recruitment area on our website. Here members of the public can register their interest in volunteering within the local community and apply for advertised roles. 

'Finding new volunteers for our lunch club in Knutsford is notoriously difficult. I was therefore delighted to get two enquires in the first week of using the new CVS provided Volunteer recruitment pages and a further enquiry the following week. All these enquiries are being followed up and are all looking very positive. This response far exceeds anything I have experienced before from previous attempts to publicise our volunteer vacancies' 

- Yvonne Baker, St John's Wood Lunch Club, Knutsford

You can download the Volunteer Managers User Guide here detailing the tools available for you to post your opportunities.

CVS Members can take advantage of the support available from their dedicated CVS Development Officer in becoming volunteer ready or implementing volunteer best practice. 


What is a Volunteer Manager?

A person working for a voluntary, community or faith sector (VCFS) organisation who in whole or in part manage, coordinate and recruit volunteers for that organisation.

What is a CVS Volunteer Manager Account?

A special login granted to the volunteer managers of VCFS organisations. This login gives volunteer managers easy to use tools to advertise their organisation's volunteering roles on the CVS website and receive applications. 

Are there any costs involved?

No. this is a completely free service. 

Activating Your Volunteer Manager Account

Have a look at this video to find out more about how to register and activate your volunteer manager account.

How to log into the Volunteer Manager's section of the CVS Website

Have a look at this video for guidance on logging into the volunteer managers section of our website.

Submitting a Volunteering Opportunity to The CVS Website

Have a look at this video for guidance on submitting a volunteering opportunity to our website.


Don't forget to join our free Volunteer Managers Network and engage with a community of other volunteer managers in developing and sharing volunteer best practice.

Does an organisation have to be a CVS member to gain a CVS Volunteer Manager Account?
No. VCFS organisations both local and national can apply for a CVS Volunteer Manager login regardless of membership status providing they are delivering services within Cheshire East. 

I am a volunteer manager for a VCFS organisation, how do activate my CVS Volunteer Manager Account?

If you are a CVS Member, you can contact your organisations dedicated CVS Development Officer who can set up the Volunteer Manager Account for an employee of your organisation, alternatively  please complete the volunteer managers registration form here to request a volunteer managers account, your submission will be reviewed by a member of the CVS team once approved we will contact you with your login details.

Your details will be verified by a CVS staff member and notify you of the success of your application with 3-5 working days