CVS Membership

We are thrilled to announce that after conducting an internal review of CVS’s working practices and seeking feedback from the community, we have created an innovative and exciting new membership model. Designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the Cheshire East voluntary, community faith and social enterprise sector (VCFSE), this refreshed approach will enable us to work collaboratively with organisations and offer a holistic approach to help them upskill, achieve greater impact and better ensure long-term sustainability.

Take advantage of all the benefits our CVS membership has to offer and register your organisation today! By becoming a CVS member, you will join a network of like-minded organisations and individuals, working together to build stronger communities, tackle social issues and make a positive impact in Cheshire East.

What led to these changes?

What's included in a CVS Membership?

Ease of Access

The primary contact for CVS Members accessing one-to-one support and other included services is our Membership Support Officer Rachael, Rachael can enlist the support and expertise from the wider support team on your behalf.

Tel: 01270 763100 Email: or

One-to-one support with a development officer worth £150

• 3 Hours of bespoke one-to-one support.

• As a member, further support will be offered at a discounted rate of £35 per hour.  

• Any unused time before the end of the year can be carried over for 12 months. 

Organisational Health Check 

• A health check is an activity we carry out with new members to gauge their strengths and weaknesses and to identify any missing elements. 

• This is an online assessment which walks you through the governance, policies and operational elements a VCFSE organisation needs. 

• This form will be reviewed by a member of our team and you’ll then have a further meeting to help you develop an action plan, addressing any essential or best practice steps needed within your organisation.

Regular one-to-one catch-ups with a member of the CVS Team

• If we haven’t heard from you in the last 3 months, a member of the team will reach out for an informal check-in/review and also let you know of any relevant sector updates.

Heavily Discounted Training

• Introductory/basic courses: £5, normally £25 (£20 saved per person, per session)

• Advanced courses: £10, normally £35 (£20 saved per person, per session)

• Bespoke Training (tailored for your organisation, delivered at a venue of your choice at a time and date convenient for your team. It equates to £150 for 2hrs (normally £250) and £250 for 4hrs (normally £500) 

Access to online resources

• CVS authored/updated and maintained, policy, strategy and other governance templates and factsheets. 

• CVS curated, recommended and approved library of third-party resources and services. 

Access to all of CVS’s networks

• Key CVS networks include Food, Fundraising, Volunteer Managers and Trustees Networks

• Email updates from the networks that include meeting dates and invites, agendas, resources and presentations, feedback, shared comments and ideas from the network on current or upcoming topics and discussions. Interested

• The sharing of contacts within the network. 

CVS Volunteering Hub ‘Provider’ Account 

• Advertise an unlimited number of volunteer roles on the CVS Volunteering Hub.

• Email promotion of newly added opportunities to all registered volunteers.

• Support and guidance in writing volunteer adverts 

• Priority in volunteer opportunities being promoted on CVS social media accounts and mailings. 

• Technical support and guidance in using the Team Kinetic powered system as an organisational volunteer management platform.  

How much does it cost to become a member, and what is the criteria to join?

Quick Membership FAQ:

Why is my one-to-one support time now limited to 3 hours?

Providing unlimited one-to-one support going forward is unsustainable for us as an organisation.  The majority of our members access less than 3 hours of support over a 12-month membership period, so this change is unlikely to affect the support you already receive.

Will our one-to-one support stop once we reach our 3-hour limit?

You will be advised if your support time is coming to an end, and if the current support you are receiving can be provided within your remaining support time (even if the time needed may overrun).

What if we need more than 3 Hours of support?

Additional support time can be purchased at the cost price of £35 per hour, but pending availability we'll always look to provide you funded support time first.

See our paid-for services for more detail.

What if we are not in a financial position to pay for membership or additional support?

Please contact the CVS team, we'll always try our best to provide support to organisations in crisis, in financial strife or are just starting up.

What if we don't use all of our support time during the 12-month membership period?

Unused support time will be carried forward over to the following year.

Why do we no longer have a dedicated CVS Development Officer?

We believe that our members will benefit a lot more from the skills and expertise of our entire team. Having a dedicated officer presented limitations in members accessing the wider range of resources and support available within our organisation. By sharing responsibilities and utilising the diverse skill sets of our team, we can provide a more comprehensive and collaborative service to our members.

At any one time, you will always be supported by the CVS team member (or members) most skilled, experienced and best suited in responding to your current need. If you have enjoyed the support and relationship with your (previously) dedicated CVS Development Officer who may have a practical working knowledge of your organisation's needs and goals, this will not be interrupted by this change. We are simply opening up more channels of support your organisation has access to within the CVS team.

Has the price for membership changed?

No. it's still £50 per annum for VCFS organisations full pricing details and membership criteria can be found here.