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Membership Payment Information

Membership of CVS Cheshire East costs from just £45 per year for a Voluntary, Community or Faith Sector organisation. 

For other types of membership including Business, Statutory and Social Enterprise/CIC, please contact us for more information at

Payment can be made by debit card, cash, cheque or standing order - You will receive an invoice within 14 days of submitting this form with full payment information.


The below will come into effect from 1st April 2021

CVS Memberships run concurrently with the financial year (1st April – 31st March). This means members joining at different times of the year will be invoiced at a pro-rata rate.

For example: If your (standard £45) membership starts at the beginning of July, you will only pay for July-March (8 Months) which is £33.75. If your membership starts mid-month, you will be invoiced for a proportion for that month plus £3.75 for each full month up to March.

From the start of the next financial year (1st April) and every subsequent year of your active membership, you will receive an invoice for the full yearly fee. 

Data Protection

The information that you have provided will be stored by CVS and will be used to support you to get the most from your membership.  This data will not be passed on to any other organisation unless with your consent  By completing and submitting this form you agree that you are authorised to provide this information on behalf of the organisation identified on this form.  

Our full privacy notice can be found here.