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Category: Strategic Reflections
Thursday, 20th June 2024
Refugee Week 17-23 June – Spotlight on Refugees Welcome Refugee Week...
Category: Thought Leadership
Friday, 14th June 2024
Should we expect better! An assessment of UK Political Party...
Category: Thought Leadership
Thursday, 30th May 2024
Volunteering to Vocation: James’ Story  There has always been a...

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Volunteering support for organisations is vital. Without the 74,500 volunteering hours devoted to our Cheshire East community each week, many of the services and care delivered by our local charitable groups would not be possible. You can volunteer no matter your age, whether you are at work or not and whether you have any support needs, anyone can volunteer!


Deadline: Saturday 1st June 2024 12:00am
Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation: Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation aims to improve the...
Deadline: Tuesday 25th June 2024 5:00pm
Cycling UK is offering grants of up to £3,500 for voluntary and community cycle groups across England. Funding is for...
Deadline: Saturday 6th July 2024 5:00pm
The One Stop Community Partnership Programme provides partnership as well as financial assistance. Alongside an initial...