CVS Cheshire East & ECT Volunteering

 What are CVS Doing?

Contracted by East Cheshire NHS Trust, we at CVS are delighted to be delivering the recruitment of volunteers. As well as facilitating the training and inductions, we support onboarding and active volunteers across the Macclesfield General District Hospital Site and the War Memorial Hospital in Congleton as well as other roles within the community.

 How are we Doing This?

We support volunteers in various ways, such as offering help during their training, including lobbying for and booking further training to allow volunteers to enhance their skills. We also pride ourselves on keeping lines of communication open by sharing staff bulletins and notices regarding key events. 

We also organise an annual ‘Volunteer Thank You Event’ where we give back to the volunteers who have given so much themselves, events which include live music, food and drink and raffles and prizes. 

 Why Volunteer?

This project offers a unique volunteer experience.

Not only is it a way to make friends and meet new people but you can make a real difference and give back to your community. If you’re looking to boost your skills, enhance your CV or you simple have some extra time and would like to make a positive impact, come and get involved.

Your volunteering journey is your own—you can try different wards, take part in a variety of events and there’re ample opportunities to sit on committees or attend further training.

So, what are you waiting for?

 Available Roles

Whatever kind of person you are, there’s a volunteering role for you! We have lots to choose from:

Charity Events Volunteer: If you are a friendly and enthusiastic person, with good communication skills, don’t hesitate to get involved!

Community Volunteer(s): This involves supporting the discharge of patients from hospital to home and the reablement of patients once they are home. It’s a great way to make a big difference!

Clinic Support Volunteer: This is a fantastic role if you’re looking to meet and greet with patients

Infant Feeding Support Volunteer: A wonderful way to support women throughout your community!

Reception Volunteer: Come and join the Customer Care department and make some lovely new friends!

Response Volunteer: Check out this dynamic role on our hub

Ward Helper: Support day-to-day activities on the wards

Welcome Volunteer: Be the friendly face that everyone needs when coming to a hospital by joining the meet-and-greet service.

For more information, visit East Cheshire NHS Trust’s volunteering page

 Application Process

This application form may take you around 15-20 minutes to complete. You will need to complete this in one go. Please share with us as much as you can about why you want to volunteer with us and what areas you are interested in.  We will ask you to share the details of 2 references; they must not be related to you and must have known you for three years or more. You may want to consider these before you start the form.  We will get back to you after you have completed this form to discuss the roles we have available. 

Keep in mind some roles require DBS checks. 

 Start your Application

Using your personal information

This form will collect personal information from you. East Cheshire NHS Trust will hold the personal information collected about you on this form on file and/or on our computer systems and we will only use your information in connection with our provision of services to you. We may also need to share your personal information with organisations providing services to us or to you on our behalf. 

There may be other occasions where your information will need to be used or disclosed. For example, in cases of extreme concern regarding your welfare or where we consider there is a serious risk to you or to others. In these cases we will document the reason for the disclosure and keep a record of the information disclosed and, we will discuss the disclosure with you and/or your representative after the event

We also collect data around Equality and Diversity, this information aims to understand the demographics of our volunteers, aligning with NHS workforce data. This will provide a baseline to drive improvement in equality of access and opportunity across NHS volunteering. 

By completing this form you agree that we can use your personal information in the ways described above.

 ECT Volunteer Team

Sandra Griffiths is the Volunteer Project Lead  3 ½ days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (AM) and Thursday). Sandra is supported by Eve Naden, Volunteer Coordinator who works full time, Monday to Friday.

You can contact the team by emailing Alternatively, you can phone 01625 661974.

Sandra and Eve are happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have and would be delighted to hear from you.