Membership Criteria & Costs

Members must:

  • Have adopted a set of rules or a constitution.
  • Be run by a management committee or equivalent.
  • Apply their resources for the benefit of the community.
  • Not be run for profit.
  • Be located within or offer services in Cheshire East.
  • Currently use or intend to use the services of CVS.
  • Be Voluntary, Community or Charity based.

Excluded groups or individuals who cannot become members include:

  • Those whose primary purpose is party political.
  • Groups or individuals who do not promote equal opportunities or who practice discrimination.
  • Groups with closed membership whose aims are to satisfy their members with no regard to enriching the wider community.
  • A business.

"CVS has provided guidance in our applications for funding and helped considerably in attaining GRIPP accreditation"
- Audlem Public Hall


  • £50 - Voluntary, Community or Faith Sector organisations based or offering services within Cheshire East
  • £75 - Voluntary, Community or Faith Sector organisations based outside of Cheshire East
  • £100 - Parish Councils
  • £375 - Town Councils

All costs are per annum. Pending your organisation meets the criteria and is eligible for CVS membership, membership formally begins upon the completion of the Membership Registration Form (which can be found linked at the foot of this page) and an invoice will be generated to the respective cost.


CVS Memberships run concurrently with the financial year (1st April – 31st March). This means members joining at different times of the year will be invoiced at a pro-rata rate.

For example: If your (standard £50) membership starts at the beginning of July, you will only pay for July-March (8 Months) which is £33.33. If your membership starts mid-month, you will be invoiced for a proportion for that month plus £4.17 for each full month up to March.

From the start of the next financial year (1st April) and every subsequent year of your active membership, you will receive an invoice for the full yearly fee. 

Read up on all the benefits organisations can take advantage of as members of CVS, including being assigned a dedicated CVS Development Officer, on our Memberships Benefits page.

If you are a charity or community group startup or would just like help in becoming eligible for a CVS Membership, we can still offer you support in getting your group to where it needs to be. Contact us on 01270 763 100 or email and introduce yourself. 

Are you a Business, Statutory Organisation or Social Enterprise/CIC? We are pleased to offer membership for these types of organisations too. To speak to one of our team about this, please contact us on 01270 763 100 or email

Register your group as a CVS member