CVS Membership

CVS Membership Criteria

CVS Cheshire East is committed to providing quality support to the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector in Cheshire East. Our membership offers a range of benefits, including access to our expert advice, resources and training, and opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded organisations. As a CVS member, you can also gain access to our funding and networking events, as well as discounted rates on our consultancy services. Our membership criteria and pricing structure are designed to ensure that we can offer tailored support to our members based on their needs, and to provide value for money for organisations of all sizes. Whether you're a small community group or a large charity, joining CVS Cheshire East can help you to strengthen your organisation and make a positive impact in your community.

Our membership is for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations working in Cheshire East as such members must: 

  • Have adopted a set of rules or a constitution
  • Be run by a management committee or equivalent
  • Apply their resources for the benefit of the community
  • Not be run for profit
  • Be located within or offer services in Cheshire East
  • Currently use or intend to use the services of CVS
  • Be voluntary, community or charity based.

Excluded groups or individuals who cannot become members include: 

  • Those whose primary purpose is party political
  • Groups or individuals who do not promote equal opportunities or who practice discrimination 
  • Groups with closed membership whose aims are to satisfy their members with no regard to enriching the wider community 
  • Groups or organisations who are for private profit

CVS Membership Pricing

  • £50 per VCFSE organisation within Cheshire East or who provide services in Cheshire East 
  • £100 per Parish Council 
  • £375 per Town Council

All costs are per annum.

Read more about the services your organisation can access by becoming a CVS Member on the membership benefits page.