Bringing together volunteer managers to create links, partnerships and share best practice

The Volunteer Managers Network is a series of meetings planned quarterly throughout the year and gives volunteer managers the opportunity to meet others in similar roles from organisations across Cheshire East to network, create links and partnerships, and share best practice. During these network meetings, we deliver workshops, action learning sets, presentations, specialist talks and activities to bring knowledge, experience, and skills together in one place where we can learn from each other.

The agenda for each meeting is led by volunteer manager's and feedback is collected at each meeting to help plan the following network event. Subjects covered recently include 'Action Learning meeting focused on Volunteer Manager's supporting volunteers during the current situation with Covid-19', 'Cyber Security Training', 'Developing a Volunteer Strategy', 'Real Problems, Solutions and Ideas When Working with Volunteers' and 'Writing Effective Volunteer Role Descriptions to Attract the Right Volunteers'. 

The network events are held at various venues across Cheshire East to allow participation by everyone, so if you have a free venue to use for future events please contact and

Upcoming Network Meetings


Volunteer Manager's Meeting - Thursday 10th December, 10am-11:30am

Virtual Meeting on Zoom

On Thursday 10th December we are holding our quarterly Volunteer Manager's Network on a virtual platform. We understand the need to keep these networking events going and supporting each other to effectively manage and support volunteers across the Borough, especially now with so many fantastic new and existing volunteers carrying out community response roles for isolated people in the community who are affected by COVID-19.

These events are always a great opportunity to network, make links, share information, learn from each other, and most importantly offer peer support. 

If your usual Volunteer Manager is currently furloughed (therefore unable to attend) and you have someone else within the organisation managing volunteers at this time, please do still feel welcome to attend the Network.


Register now by clicking the link below. You will be sent a Zoom meeting link before the Network.

Thursday 10th December, 10:00am-11:30am - Virtual meeting Click here to register!

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Previously covered topics

September 2020

At the most recent Volunteer Manager's Network we discussed best practice and current challenges in terms of changes to services, volunteer roles and managing expectations. There was great discussion at the meeting on supporting and recruiting volunteers, future use of Do It Life for peer-to-peer support and how to connect with other volunteer managers.

May 2020

This Volunteer Manager's Network focused on "Action Learning meeting focused on Volunteer Manager's supporting volunteers during the current situation with Covid-19". Hosted virtually on Zoom, this Network was a highly interactive meeting with volunteer managers sharing their experiences and advice on adapting to COVID-19, recruiting volunteers during lockdown, keeping volunteers engaged online and risk management for re-opening services. 


February 2020

This Volunteer Manager's Network focused on "Cyber Security for Volunteers". Our speaker was Aoife Middlemass (CVS development officer) who covered aspects of essential cyber security for all charities. This is especially important as the charity sector is increasingly becoming vulnerable to cyber fraud and attacks. It is especially important for Volunteer Managers to be aware of the cyber security risks involved with volunteers, including the online access they have, and how you manage processes and support/train volunteers.


November 2019

This Volunteer Manager's Network focused on "Writing Effective Volunteer Role Descriptions to attract the right volunteers'. This network had a guest speaker from North West Air Ambulance (Lisa Rawcliffe) who shared her experience of developing successful volunteer role descriptions. There was great interaction and discussion from the Volunteer Managers on key points to consider when writing a volunteer role and how to effectively attract suitable and enthusiastic volunteers.

July 2018 

It was a great turnout at the recent Volunteer Manager’s Network Meeting in July with 23 Volunteer Managers coming together from across Cheshire East to share best practice, network and build relationships. The main topic for this meeting was ‘Engaging volunteers right from the start’ and it was a great opportunity for our Marketing and Design Manager to present CVS’s brand new Volunteer Campaign ‘Make Good Things Happen’ and how volunteer managers can help make this a success! Keep an eye on the CVS website for the date of the next network and register here for emails about forthcoming network events.


 December 2017

The December 2017 Volunteer Managers Network Meeting was held at New Life Church in Congleton on December 7th 2017 and focused on 'Recruiting Ex-Offenders as Volunteers Safely and Fairly'. This meeting featured presentations from Eddie Tarry (Community Engagement Manager - Reducing Reoffending team at HMP Styal) and Glenn Makin (Peer Support Worker at Shelter) which focused on:

- The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (including recent changes)
- Spent Convictions and what these mean
- Managing risk when recruiting Ex-offenders as volunteers
- Challenging perceptions

Plus feedback from groups who successfully work with and manage ex-offenders as volunteers, and the chance to discuss concerns and best practice. Attendees found the meeting to be very useful and engaging and were able to ask their questions directly to our expert guests.

We at CVS are glad to be able to bring this presentation to you in full if you or your organisation are hesitant or have concerns about recruiting ex-offenders as volunteers the below presentations will sure to be informative.