Funding body: 
Bishop Radford Trust

Funding available is intended to support Christian charities and churches that are serving their local community. Projects which spark interest and passion are favoured.

The Trustees consider the following factors in the decision process:

  • For work within the UK, they tend to give to smaller charities where the contribution makes a significant difference.
  • For work based overseas, they tend to give through larger, more established Christian UK registered charities, or through charities where they have a personal connection.
  • Preference is given to projects where the apparent need is great and the potential scale of the impact is substantial.
  • Projects which spark interest and passion are favoured.

Examples of previously funded projects in the UK include:

  • A Christian charity helping local people in need by supplying second-hand furniture, household effects and community care.
  • A charity working with local churches to arrange for local prisoners to receive a bag of simple gifts and to offer a copy of the Gospel.
  • A charity helping local churches to engage with their local community through sport by using a mobile bus to reach vulnerable young people who would not normally enter a church building.


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Registered Charity
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Capital and Revenue
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