Funding body: 
Cycling UK
Tuesday, 25 June, 2024 - 17:00

Cycling UK is offering grants of up to £3,500 for voluntary and community cycle groups across England. Funding is for activities delivered between 29 March 2024 and 31 October 2024. The deadline for applications is 25 June 2024. This grant will allow successful applicants to deliver projects and activities that: 

  • Encourage people who don't cycle to cycle.
  • Encourage people to cycle more often.
  • Increase short cycling trips.
  • Improve the perception of cycling safety.
  • Improve people's confidence to cycle. 

For the Summer 2024 funding round, there is a focus on encouraging partners to inspire participants to return to subsequent events, to help sustain increases in cycling, and to help make a much bigger difference through Big Bike Revival. The Big Bike Revival Grants Programme will support events and activities that use the ‘fix-learn-ride’ model to provide sessions for people groups that are underrepresented in cycling. Funding can be used for costs including but not limited to: Staff costs. Volunteer expenses, such as refreshments and travel. Equipment purchases, including tools, bikes, bike parking, locks, helmets, high-vis jackets, and pumps. Equipment hiring, including cones, high-vis jackets, helmets, or bikes. Consumables, including brake pads, inner tubes, cables, lubricant, or small parts. Venue hires or location fees. Participant refreshments such as reasonable drinks and snacks. Promotion costs. Transport, including transportation of goods to and from the event location. Personal Protection Equipment.

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Registered or Non Registered Group
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Turnover: Any
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