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The CVS eBulletin is tailored be a rich and informative resource for our Cheshire East VCFS community, keeping everyone updated on the latest news announcements and services central to working within the local voluntary sector.


There are several key subjects areas we cover in our eBulletin; funding, Your Voice (raising and communicating the current state, needs and concerns of the sector to key influencing decision makers) volunteering, sector jobs and local events.

The eBulletin also contains CVS related news, information on CVS training and services, and promotion of CVS projects and events such as Meet The Funder the annual CVS Funding and Governance Conference and the Christmas Toy Appeal. All of which delivered in service to the VCFS community. 

What else to expect

The CVS eBulletin is delivered in two formats

1 - The General eBulletin - containing a library of the latest information covering all key subject areas and is the most frequently used format.  
2 - The Spotlight eBulletin - focuses around a single subject (i.e. training, funding or an event) and contains expanded upon information we do not have the space to communicate in the General eBulletin format. 


Our CVS eBulletins are published on a Friday every fortnight, primarily in the General eBulletin format with the occasional Spotlight format either appearing in the interim weeks or in the place of a General eBulletin when appropriate to the subject matter at the given time.  

CVS Subscriptions

Subscribers will receive both 'General' and 'Spotlight' eBulletin formats as part of their subscription to the CVS eBulletin. A subscription to the CVS eBulletin is independent of any subscriptions held with a CVS Network.

You can unsubscribe from our eBulletin at any time via the link included in the footer of each eBulletin. Alternatively, you can check your subscription status with us by emailing Our privacy policy can be found at the foot of each webpage. 

Your Feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve or eBulletin and the overall communications we have with the community we serve. If you have any feedback you would like to share, please don't hesitate to get in contact, we'll be glad to hear from you, 01270 763 100.