CVS Paid For Services

Looking for professional and reliable Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector-driven support for your (non or for-profit) organisation in Cheshire East? CVS offers a wide range of paid services to help you meet your goals and deliver positive outcomes for your community. Our experienced team of experts provide practical advice, training and support to help your organisation grow, develop and thrive. Whether you need help with strategic planning, fundraising, volunteer management or anything in between, CVS has the knowledge and expertise to support you every step of the way. CVS is VCFSE infrastructure service that provides a range of capacity-building services to the sector.  

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CVS provides reasonably priced, sector-driven services to a range of organisations serving Cheshire East. 

Our ‘Paid for Services’ model is used for services that sit outside our core charitable activities, any bespoke 1:1 work for non-member VCFSE organisations, or for member VCFSE organisations outside of their membership hours. This model also enables us to work with organisations in a more impactful way. 

We work with small to large VCFSE sector groups, statutory organisations, and for-profit businesses so we have created three layers of rates to ensure equality to the different sectors whilst also ensuring the long-term sustainability of CVS. 

Prices Starting From

  • Private Sector / For–Profit: £75 Per Hour - £525 Per Day
  • Non-profit*/Statutory Organisations : £50 Per Hour - £350 Per Day
  • VCFSE CVS Member: £35 per Hour - £245  Per Day

*We sometimes have funding so can offer this additional one-to-one support free where these funding priorities coincide with your needs. Alternatively, you may seek to fund our support from a funding application you are making or a training and professional development budget you already have.

Examples of services we can provide to VCFSE organisations 

Independent Evaluation Report  

Funders often require an independent report at the end of a project and CVS can carry this out, reviewing qualitative and quantitative data, interviewing beneficiaries, highlighting achievements and impacts, as well as recommendations. 

Final Funding Report / Social Impact Report 

Report writing is a specific skill, it can be time-consuming and it is often hard to be objective when you have been so close to a project.  

We can provide a clear and concise review of your organisation's work, highlighting your outputs, and outcomes and how they evidence your long-term impact. These reports can also provide valuable insights into potential areas of improvement and strategies for future fundraising success. 

The document can be produced as a PDF with professional graphics.   

Evidencing Outcomes (Recording outputs) 

Where you need to evidence outcomes of a project that is finishing up, ongoing or wanting to set up some outcome measurement for a new project. 

We can help you to set up monitoring and evaluation processes that are appropriate for your organisation and appropriate for your beneficiaries. We can also help you to find ways to record them to suit your budget and staff team.  

Facilitating Development Workshops  

Development workshops can be an incredibly powerful tool for charities, enabling them to take a proactive role in their organisation’s growth. 

Having them externally facilitated by CVS ensures the conversations are guided impartially and on mission and allowing for new insights and broader perspectives 

By facilitating development workshops, charities can better understand their goals and objectives, and create an environment of positivity and collaboration, helping to foster a culture of growth and development. 

CVS can facilitate or produce the relevant strategic documents such as a 3yr Business Plan, Strategic Plan or Fundraising Plan. The document can also be produced as a PDF with professional graphics. 

If you would like to know more about our paid-for services, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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