In response to the crisis in mental health in the UK, Edge Inclusion has launched Mind Mechanics at Work and Mind Mechanics at School, an evidence based wellbeing and good mental health programme for schools and businesses.


The programme delivers accredited scoping, planning and training in education settings and workplaces across the UK. The outcome of the Mind Mechanics intervention results in increased engagement, raised productivity and achievement and a reduced demand on specialist mental health providers.

The Mind Mechanics at Work service analyses performance and absenteeism data, scopes out wellbeing, strengths and development needs in the workplace leading to a bespoke action plan. In both Mind Mechanics at Work and Mind Mechanics at School training is delivered to participants to enable implementation of self management strategies and techniques to deal with emotional regulation.

Mind Mechanics is an evidence-based project, innovated by specialist teachers, psychologists and counsellors, teaching a set of sustainable skills which aid in developing strategies to increase understanding of neurobiology, self-regulation, resilience and subsequently lead to improved engagement.

The brainchild of mental health and education experts, Sarah Rawsthorn and Emma Short, Mind Mechanics not only provides children, teachers and businesses with early intervention strategies to manage anxiety, stress and depression but also techniques for improved management of emotions to protect against future poor mental health.

“Mind Mechanics at Schools supports those individuals already identified as being vulnerable but really it is a universal resource. We are educated about how to maintain good physical health. Through fun, creative activity Mind Mechanics teaches us about how neurobiology works and how to keep ourselves mentally healthy,” explained Sarah Rawsthorn, managing director, Mind Mechanics.

Mind Mechanics at School

The programme is led by expert mental health practitioners. The CPD accredited school workshops consist of six two-hour sessions (12 CPD points) targeting at 7-18 year olds. School staff members are invited to shadow the practitioner’s learning techniques that focus on feelings of anxiety, depression, anger or social difficulty all of which can negatively affect a child’s self-worth, their learning, their ability to achieve, sustain relationships, be resilient or maintain good mental health. Parents are also invited to join the introductory and final sessions.

Case study

Mind Mechanics at School;

Already delivered at 10 very different schools, children are now using the strategy to help increase their self-value and concentration in the classroom. Across the primary and secondary groups that undertook the workshops, there was an overall increase of 32% in understanding of their own and others’ emotions, and a 25% increase in ability to maintain positive relationships. There was an overall improvement of 29% in self-reported scores relating to their ability to calm themselves down. For the secondary school group, there were 86% fewer visits to the pastoral care professionals, with a decrease in visits from 171 in the six months before the workshops to 30 visits in the following six months.

Mind Mechanics at Work;

The Mind Mechanics have recently worked with House, a creative marketing agency with a focus on health and wellbeing.

MD Christine Colbert had this to say..

“We provide a great working environment, flexible working arrangements and we respond to emotional wellbeing issues raised by employees.

However, we are not experts in mental health and we needed the professionals at Mind Mechanics to implement a mental health at work plan and give our team proactive strategies to self-regulate wellbeing.”

Mind Mechanics are also proud to be working with New World Trading Company, number 7 in the Sunday Times Top Companies to Work For list, who are raising funds from their customers to sponsor Mind Mechanics at School in local schools in each of their bars’ and restaurants’ locations.

Rawsthorn continued: “Mind Mechanics is designed to be a tool kit for everyone. It is something tangible that we can use to help heal and protect ourselves against poor mental health, and ultimately future proof ourselves. We feel strongly that mental health is a universal campaign. Just as physical education is a mandatory requirement in schools, so too should mental health be taught and encouraged from an early age to ensure emotional wellbeing in our next generation. Employers subsequently need to upskill their workforce not only to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity but as a social corporate responsibility’.

With the mental health landscape shifting and gaining more awareness the world over, programmes such as Mind Mechanics are necessary to ensure the momentum continues and the focus remains on the importance of mental wellbeing.

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