At Charity Digital, the aim is to encourage your charity to more be digital, providing you with educational content, support and products.


their products and content go hand-in-hand. They function specifically to save your organisation time and money, supporting you along your digital journey. We want all charities to feel confident when it comes to digital resources and feel they can successfully move forward when it comes to implementing digital and technology.


In this webinar, Stewart Barber (Client Account Specialist), Raabia Fazil (Customer Service Manager), and Mimi Morrill (Events Manager) will be taking you through some of the key aspects of the Charity Digital exchange and answering some of our most asked questions. They’ll be explaining what’s available, the validation process, discussing a selection of digital tools and much more. They’ll also be taking you through how you can best use our content alongside these tools, to drive increased impact for your charity.


"Whether your organisation is trying out new tools or building on old ones, join our upcoming webinar to learn how to get the most out of Charity Digital." - Charity Digital

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