There is now a place in Crewe Town Centre where you can recycle your crisp packets.  The metallised film used to keep crisps fresh makes it difficult to recycle these items and they are not accepted in your silver bins.  Now, Crewe Lifestyle Centre has teamed up with Crewe Clean Team, to provide a dedicated bin for all brands of crisp packets.  It is located near to the toilets in the building on Moss Square.

Dave McDonald, chair of Crewe Clean Team said “In our 8 years we have picked up thousands of crisp packets but none of them has been recycled.  We would like to thank Crewe Lifestyle Centre for agreeing to become a drop-off location for Terracycle UK.  Packets that are put in this bin will be collected by the team and sent to be recycled into plastic pellets, that can be used to make new products.”

Matthew Hatton, Duty Manager at Everybody Sport & Recreation, said “As a community hub, we are always delighted to work together with groups on projects that benefit the community”.


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