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CVS Development Officers can read through any bids prior to submission, or even support the writing of a bid. It can be so useful for someone outside your organisation to read through grant applications. Something may make sense to you, but not to a potential funder and could jeopardize your chances of a successful grant application.

Get in touch with your organisation's CVS Development Officer or contact CVS directly us and we will be delighted to help you with your bids: email or call 01270 763100.


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Upcoming Deadlines

COVID-19: Funding opportunities - For a Full list of the COVID-19 Funding please visit our pages here

Morgan Pledges £1million A Week To Charities Hit By Coronavirus

Philanthropist and businessman Steve Morgan is today pledging £1m per week  to charities to help some of the most vulnerable sectors of society cope with Coronavirus.

Charities in Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales looking for emergency funding should email in the first instance. To check the criteria go to


Cheshire Community Foundation

Our Covid-19 Response Grants Programme is for grants typically up to £5000 * (level of funding increased as of 31-3-20). 

It is open for applications from charitable organisations supporting the ongoing needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable people affected by the covid-19 outbreak, to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained.   This includes CICs (with three unrelated Directors)

In addition, for this programme, we want to support small un-constituted emerging group who are responding positively to supporting disadvantaged communities affected by covid-19 at a very local level.  If you can arrange for a larger charitable group to partner with you, for example (but not limited to) a church, another charity or community group, you can apply.  The charitable organisation must be able to provide their annual accounts and have a bank account in their name.  They must be willing to act as the lead organisation for the application and spend of the grant.

For this programme,Town and Parish Councils are also eligible to apply.

Types of activities that we can consider under the covid-19 Response Grants Programmes include (but are not limited to):-

• community response coordination to covid-19

• additional volunteer costs

• additional costs of working remotely and adapting services for disadvantaged and vulnerable people delivered in the wider community

•support for lonely and vulnerable people who are self-isolating.

•support in the wider community  for foodbanks for families and vulnerable people and organisations working to combat child hunger

To apply, complete this online application form

If you have a covid-19 project which needs  more than £5000  – please do email us at 

Open For Applications


Windrush Day Grant Scheme 2020

The Windrush Day Grant Scheme will support groups to celebrate and commemorate the arrival of the MV Empire Windrush and the contribution of the Windrush Generation in communities across the country. It will also seek to educate about this contribution and the history of the MV Empire Windrush. This programme will support people from many different ages and backgrounds to embrace a shared history.

The scheme is looking for organisations to run a community led project seeking to celebrate, commemorate and educate about the Windrush Generation and their contribution to British economic, social and cultural life. This includes those who arrived on the ship, their contemporaries and descendants.

There is a budget of up to £500,000 to fund activities across the country. The minimum amount available is £2,500 and the maximum is £25,000. All bidders are encouraged to demonstrate additional sources of funding as part of their proposal. Find out more here.


Aviva Community Fund - Exciting changes ahead!

Over the last four years, Aviva has supported over 2000 small charities and community groups across the UK via the Aviva Community Fund programme. They are expanding the way they support charities from just providing a cheque once a year, to driving sustainable fundraising, building capability and leveraging the power of  talented and enthusiastic workforce via volunteering.

We’re kicking this off with a small invite-only trial in Autumn 2019 ahead of a fuller launch in January 2020.

Keep up to date with changes by registering here for regular updates

Cheshire East Council Community grants

The new grants scheme 'The Bright Idea Fund' is now open. For more details please see here

This fund is currently on hold and is being reviewed as part of the support for the COVID-19 response

There are 2 funding a categories:

  • My Bright Ideas Fund - up to £250 for individual ideas that support the health and wellbeing of the local community
  • Our Community Bright Idea grants - up to a maximum of £10,000 to support local projects that are created with the local community

Please find the policy for the allocation of grants here


Funding Opportunity for organisations in the Sandbach area

New Beginnings is a Social Enterprise formulated by the Lane End Group. The Lane End Group currently are building new homes on a site on Abbey Rd, Sandbach and, as with all of their sites they would like to support the surrounding area and be great neighbours for the time they are on site, hopefully leaving a lasting positive impact.

New Beginnings aims to help not for profit and charitable organisations within a 5 mile radius of their sites. Have a look at for an idea of the projects they support.

Kate Harrison, CEO of New Beginnings, says "There are a few things we can offer, from small donations of up to £500 to be used for specific community projects, to larger projects that we can work in partnership with other parties on. We also have volunteers from our team who can help with events or even utilise our supply chain to help with small renovation projects for community assets".

To discuss your project or apply for funding please contact via email or call 01925 907 920.


Allen Lane Foundation

The Foundation provides grants for up to three years, with a total value of £500-£15,000, although the average grant size is £5,000 – £6,000. In order to apply, your organisation does not need to be a registered charity as long as it is carrying out work for charitable purposes and works with one or more of these groups:

  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Gypsies and Travellers
  • Migrant Workers
  • Offenders and Ex-offenders
  • Older People
  • People experiencing mental health problems
  • People experiencing violence or abuse

The Foundation also offers a social cohesion appointment which specifically funds projects that aim to proactively break down barriers and tensions between different groups of people. With this fund the Foundation hopes support projects will help to build a more cohesive and inclusive community for everyone.


The Esmee Fairburn Foundation

The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people and communities and is one of the largest independent grant makers in the UK. It makes grants annual towards a wide range of work within the arts, education and learning. The particularly fund organisations and projects considered ‘hard to fund’ and both registered charities and social enterprises/CIC’s.


Hays Travel Foundation 

Whether you're an organisation or an individual and have a worthy cause, don't hesitate to approach your local Hays Travel for help. While the Hays Travel Foundation primarily focuses on supporting young people, our branches have the freedom to make their own decision about who and what they would like to fundraise for. 

Max. application of £15,000


Ecclesiastical – ‘Movement for Good’ Awards

The £1m giving programme has two funding categories:

  • £1,000 donations to 500 charities 
  • £50,000 grants to 10 charities 

Ecclesiastical say: “We know that for many charities, £1,000 can make a real difference. We also know the importance of longer-term funding for charities, especially when trying to bring ambitious new ideas to life. Through our £50,000 awards, we’re actively championing innovation, giving charities the backing they need to propel their plans forward. 


Magic Little Grants 2019

This fund gives local charities and community groups the chance to apply online for a £500 grant to deliver projects across Great Britain that encourage people to be physically active. Successful projects will support and inspire people to participate in sports or exercise with the primary aim of improving the physical health of participants.

With its simple 10-minute application process, the Magic Little Grants fund reduces the work required for local organisations to access the funding they need to launch or strengthen their services.

Follow this link for more information and to apply


Homeless Link Funding:

Homeless Link Social Investment Fund – Dedicated support and flexible loan/grant packages from £25,000 to £150,000 to help you help more homeless people.


Enterprise Grants

Helping homelessness sector organisations make a transition to new enterprise models or to grow existing ones:

● Feasibility Grants from £5,000 - £10,000

● Development Grants up to £50,000



Allchurches Trust

The Allchurches Trust funds projects that demonstrate a focus on the impact on people and communities, offering small grants of between £1,000 - £15,000 (larger grants are also available for projects costing over £1 million). 


The Foyle Foundation

The Foyle Foundation's Small Grants Scheme supports smaller, UK based, registered charities working at grassroots and local community level. Trustees will consider projects in 'any field, across a wide range of activities', provided your organisation has an annual turnover of less than £150,000 per annum. 
One-year grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available to cover core costs, equipment or project funding. 


The Goodman Foundation 

This charitable foundation focuses on social change and improving the lives of those less privileged in the community. They make grants to charities working with people on low incomes, older people and those with disabilities or ill health. Their average grant is around £12,000, and they are known to give grants for equipment, project costs and warehousing/office space.

The foundation also offers fundraising and volunteer support as well as regular payroll donations to their chosen community partners. There are no deadlines and no application form - simply apply in writing to the Foundation's registered office: 

The Goodman Foundation
c/o ABP 
Unit 6290
Bishops Court 
Solihull Parkway 
Birmingham Business Park 
B37 7YB


The Sobell Foundation 

This charitable foundation provides grants of up to UK registered charities working in the following areas: 

  • Medical care and treatment, including respite care and hospices
  • Care for physically and mentally disabled adults and children
  • Education and training for adults and children with physical and learning disabilities
  • Care and support of the elderly
  • Care and support for children
  • Homelessness

Most grants are for amounts under £50,000. There are no deadlines 


The Radcliffe Foundation

Applications can be made to either the Music Scheme (next deadline 31st August) or the Heritage & Crafts Scheme (next deadline 31st July).  The Radcliffe Trust will only accept on-line applications.


The ACT Foundation (now the Edward Gostling Foundation)

The Edward Gostling Foundation offers a small grants programme (under £10k) and a large grants programme (over £10k) and wants all of their grants to have a significant impact across one or more of their 4 life "themes".  The themes are broad-ranging and they support many activities within each. The 4 themes are

- Health and Wellbeing
- Independent Living at Home
- Respite
- Transition

For more details about the above themes and to apply click here


Postcode Community Trust

The Postcode Community Trust makes grants for grassroots projects that use sports, arts, recreation and wellbeing programmes to improve physical and mental health. Unregistered groups can apply for up to £2000 and registered charities for a maximum of £20,000.


Baily Thomas Charitable Fund

This funder supports registered charities for projects that work with people who have a learning disability and/or autism. Grants can fund a range of activities including employment schemes, play schemes, day and social activities, support for families and independent living schemes but also capital building/renovation and refurbishment works.

There is a rolling programme for small grants up to £10,000.



The Screwfix Foundation makes grants to registered charities and voluntary groups for projects that will fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities for those in need. Maximum application £5000. All applications are reviewed individually by the team on a quarterly basis, the review dates are in February, May, August and November. 


Nationwide Community Grants

 Nationwide Building Society was founded to help people into homes of their own and its ambition that everyone should have a place fit to call home stands firm today. The Nationwide Community Grants programme awards up to £500,000 across eight UK regions annually and is looking for local housing projects that will strengthen your local community by supporting the most vulnerable, finding new approaches to increasing the supply of housing or by reinventing renting for both tenants and landlords. Download their grant criteria here. Their top tips for a good application can be accessed here.


Armed Forces  Covenant Fund Trust:

A small number of large grants will be made to single lead organisations who will work with delivery organisations to fund the development of new and innovative ways to support veterans with severe mental health needs who do not meet the criteria for hospitalisation and to support their families and carers.


Charles Hayward Foundation

Has two grant programmes available for UK Registered Charities: Main grant programme: Social & Criminal Justice and Heritage & Conservation (for charities with an income of more than £350,000) and Overseas (for charities with an income between £150,000 and £5,000,000). Small grant programme:  Social & Criminal Justice and Older People (for charities with an income of less than£350,000).Within all of the above categories, they fund project costs and capital expenditure. For guidance on the types and size of grants they make, please refer to specific category guidelines, also downloadable click here.


Masonic Charitable Foundation – Early Years Opportunities Grants Programme

Grants for charities in England and Wales that support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people (up the age of 25 years) to overcome the barriers they face in order to achieve the best possible start in life.


New Transform Foundation Funding

New funding programme designed to fund the development of new websites for smaller charities. They class 'smaller' charities in this instance as charities with an annual income of between £100k and £350k.


The Archer Trust

This charitable trust makes grants of £250 - £3,000 towards social welfare projects, particularly those which involve a Christian element. 


Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

New grants programme open for Rural Issues and Urban Deprivation in the 2 following areas: 'Community Support' and 'Arts, Education and Heritage'. 


The Royal British Legion's External Grants

The programme is open to applications from organisations running, or planning, charitable activities in support of the Armed Forces community.

Applications for projects supporting the following outcome themes will be prioritised:

  • Employment and training
  • Family support
  • Homelessness and outreach
  • Supporting the elderly

Please note that the Legion is not inviting applications for multi-year funding at this time. Applications will only be considered for 'one off' payments. Continuation funding may be applied for in following years. The typical grant award is not likely to exceed £50,000 – smaller applications are encouraged.


Clothworker's Foundation

Capital Small Grants (upto £10,000) and Main Grants (No max grant but average of £25,000) open for  application for areas including: Alcohol and substance misuse, Disabled people, disadvantaged minority communities, Disadvantaged young people, Domestic and sexual violence, Older people, Homelessness, Prisoners and Ex-offenders and Visual Impairment.


Biffa Community Buildings Award

Grants from £10,000 - £75000 to provide or improve community buildings to act as a mechanism for community involvement


Steve Morgan Foundation

This grant supports people of all ages in financial hardship, who are in need of specialist equipment. Individuals or organisations can apply for this funding by clicking here

AB Charitable Trust  


The A B Charitable Trust (ABCT) is an independent, UK based grant-making organisation founded in 1990 that is concerned with promoting and defending human dignity.
ABCT supports charities that defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals whatever their circumstances. The Trust is particularly interested in charities that work with marginalised and excluded people in society with a focus on:
- migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
- criminal justice and penal reform
- human rights, particularly access to justice
Grants range in size, with most grants awarded being in the range of £10,000 to £20,000. ABCT will fund core costs.

The Henry Smith charity

Following a review of its grant procedures, the Funder has refined its Main Grant programmes, separating it into two defined funds that aims to work with people for whom other sources of support have failed, been inappropriate or are simply not available.   Grant sizes are generally between £10,000 and £60,000 and are for charities and not-for-profit organisations, including social enterprises that are based and working in the UK. There are no deadlines. Applications are considered on a regular basis, depending on the fund applied to.


Comic Relief

Three funding initiatives- Safety From: Spaces To: Try for Change Thriving, Not just Surviving: Young Men and Mental Health, To find out more click here.


Tudor Trust

Tudor makes grants and provides other types of support, to voluntary and community groups working in any part of the UK. They particularly want to help smaller, community-led organisations that work directly with people who are at the margins of society: organisations that support positive changes in people’s lives and in their communities. They want to respond flexibly to your ideas and energy, and to fund effective organisations working to high standards. For more information click here

Tendering News

Healthy Child Programme (0-19 service)


321100 - Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Children


Cheshire East Council are recommissioning the Healthy Child Programme which aims to give children and young people achieve the best start in life and beyond; achieving public health outcomes. The vision for the service is to create an accessible, inclusive offer for children and young people aged 0-19 (up to 24 with SEND) and their families. The service will provide universal and targeted support in local communities, working in a truly integrated way to create a holistic, safe, well informed offer which can provide the right help at the right time. There are four core elements to the service: Integrated Health Visiting (0-5), Integrated Health (5+), Targeted Intensive Support (Family Nurse Partnership) and Breastfeeding Support. A significant change is the inclusion of a Central Contact Hub which will act as a single point of access for parents, young people and professionals. Potential bidders should express an interest in this opportunity & download the relevant documentation. Note: Light Touch Regime applies per PCRs 2015.

Region(s) of supply

Cheshire East

Re-opening of the Flexible Procurement System for the Provision of Short Breaks for Children and Young People with Disabilities in Stockport, Trafford, Tameside and Rochdale


321100 - Social Community Care Supplies & Services - Children

321900 – Respite


This Flexible Purchasing System (FPS) has been established for the provision of personal care and support within a domiciliary environment and in the community, either individually on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting, to enable children to remain living with their families and prevent or delay the need to move to alternative forms of care, should their assessed care needs change. This specification does not include 24 hour nursing care. The services commissioned from the FPS should place the child at the centre of the service, giving them the flexibility, choice and control that they choose

Region(s) of supply

Greater Manchester

Supported Living or Residential Placement for E


321100 - Social Community Care Supplies & Services - Children

410000 - Social Community Care Supplies & Services


see documents on The Chest

Region(s) of supply


Salford Carers Service


321100 - Social Community Care Supplies & Services - Children

410000 - Social Community Care Supplies & Services


A carer is defined as ‘someone who provides support or who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their age, physical or mental illness or disability. This would not usually include someone paid or employed to carry out that role, or someone who is a volunteer. Care Act (2014). A young carer can be defined as a child or young person under the age of 18, who provides regular and ongoing care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled, or who misuses substances. A young carer becomes vulnerable when the level of care giving and responsibility to the person in need of care becomes excessive or inappropriate for that child, risking impacting on his or her emotional or physical well being or educational achievement and life chances.

Region(s) of supply

Greater Manchester

The above tenders can be found on the Chest.

DPS for Skills Providers and Training Provision, Skills For Growth: Cheshire and Warrington: ESF

If your organisation has a training programme which employers do/could use to support the training and development of their staff then this tender may be of interest to you. 

The University of Chester have a need to appoint suitably qualified organisations to a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to deliver training and education, with requirements for delivery specifically within Chester and Warrington in partnership commencing 3rd February 2020 – 30th November 2022 with the option to extend a further 10 months. The University seeks to contract for high quality provision which complements but does not compete with its own provision, meets the needs of employers, and/or benefits the local community.

Tenders (SSQs) in the first round must reach them via the e-tendering portal by 10:00 10th January 2020 

The tender can be found here

Carers Choice

A maximum grant of up to £8,000 is available through an application process for projects to be delivered in the 2020/21 financial year. To be eligible for a Carers Choice Grant projects should be targeted at supporting Carers who live in Cheshire East or those who live outside the area but care for a Cheshire East resident.

Outcomes are the difference a project makes to the lives of other Carers who benefit from the project. It is important that the applicants are clear about the difference the project is going to make. The primary outcome the Carers' Choice  Grant is intending to achieve through such projects is to enable people with caring responsibilities to be able to take a break from their caring role enabling them to;
·       Reduce reliance on more intensive support
·       Reduce the likelihood of Carer breakdown
·       Carers can enjoy a life outside of caring
·       Carers feel less isolated and better supported
Carers experience improved overall health and wellbeing
Please scroll to the bottom of this page to download the application form and guidance document.

Cheshire Community Foundation - Grants Scheme

Cheshire Community Foundation provide grants of up to £25,000 to support a wide range of charitable activity aimed at improving the quality of life for local people in Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester and Warrington. They give grants to groups addressing priority needs in these communities and for whom a small amount of money can make a really big difference. 
The small grants programme has 2 monthly grant rounds. 2020 deadlines are yet to be anounced. 


Local Funding Bodies

Funders based in Cheshire and Cheshire East that want to specifically fund local projects just like yours

Cheshire East Council - Community Grant Scheme

Please note that significant changes have recently been made to this scheme. The aim of the new grants scheme is to support not-for-profit organisations and to inspire local people through social innovation to develop or enhance local projects that will improve the quality of life for local communities.

Two new categories for funding have been developed to meet the changing needs of the Cheshire East community:

My Bright Idea Grants – up to a maximum award of £250 This category aims to provide an opportunity for local residents of Cheshire East who wish to share their skills, interest and passions through volunteering to promote or deliver projects or events that will improve the health and wellbeing of their community. Residents will be able to apply for up to £250 for projects which will be delivered BY local people, be locally owned, and be locally attended.

Our Community Bright Idea Grants – up to a maximum award of £10,000 - This category aims to support the continuation and development of not-for-profit organisations and local projects that are created WITH the local community. this will target grant money to ensure that a greater impact is made on local communities WITH local communities.

The first round of applications will be accepted from October 2019 until 27th December 2019. 

During 2020, there will be four deadlines for applications:

  • 27th March 2020
  • 26th June 2020
  • 25th September 2020
  • 18th December 2020 * please note that the last Friday of December is Christmas Day, therefore, this deadline date has been brought forward by 1 week

The full criteria for the scheme, along with application forms, guidance notes and the supporting policy will available on  Cheshire East grant web pages in the coming weeks. 

For further information, help or support please contact or 01270 685809  


Cheshire Community Foundation - Grants Scheme

Cheshire Community Foundation provide grants of up to £25,000 to support a wide range of charitable activity aimed at improving the quality of life for local people in Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester and Warrington. They give grants to groups addressing priority needs in these communities and for whom a small amount of money can make a really big difference. 

The small grants programme has 2 monthly grant rounds. 2020 deadlines are yet to be anounced. 

The main grants programme will reopen on 2.1.20 and close on 7.2.20 with the panel meeting to make a decision mid-April. 

The Small Grant

The application process is still open to applications

Please note that CCF will no longer have the link to the application form on their website as they prefer to discuss each application with the applicant briefly before issuing the link so that if there is an application which does not have a fit with available funds they can tell the applicant at a very early stage.


The Morgan Foundation

The Foundation provides grants to support projects that support organisations helping children, families, elderly, disabled and socially isolated. The Foundation supports projects within their remit area (which is to to the west of the M6).  


Williams Family Foundation

The Williams Foundation provides funding for Registered Charities that aid those in need, including young people, the elderly, people with learning or physical disabilities and people of ill health.  


Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund

The Fund provides grants of up to £3,000 for funds to support neighbourhood and community projects throughout the area near to the airport. Organisations that are within a 10 mile radius of the airport are eligible to apply. 


Robert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust

Provides grant funding for a variety of charities from £1,000 to £3,000. Deadlines for applications are 30th June and 31st December with Trustees meeting in March and September.


Crewe Town Council

Grants are available to community groups and projects that are based in or benefit the people of Crewe. 


Knutsford Town Council

Grants of up to £10,000 to give to projects which bring a benefit to the Knutsford Community. 



C4C provides grants which make a difference to the local community of Congleton. Applications above £1000 are reviewed three times a year within the Cheshire Community Foundations timetable.


Nantwich Town Council

Grants for Community and voluntary groups delivering services in Nantwich.  The deadline for applications between £500 - £5000 is 1st October for payment in April the following year.  Applications for small grants up to £500 are invited throughout the year. 


Sandbach Town Council

Grants for community and voluntary groups delivering services in Sandbach. Grant applications are discussed in the Town Councils quarterly finance meetings.


Wilmslow Town Council

Grants for community and voluntary groups to support their work in Wilmslow. Wilmslow Town Council considers grant recommendations from its Finance Committee on a quarterly basis at its main Council meeting.


Alsager Town Council

Grants to help voluntary groups, local organisations and clubs in the town. 


Middlewich Town Council

Funding for community and voluntary groups who make a difference to the community of Middlewich.

Application form and more details can be found here.


Macclesfield Town Council

Funding for community and voluntary groups who work and make a difference in the town of Macclesfield.


The Sandstone Ridge Trust - Stepping Stones Grants

Grants of up to £750 are available for community groups and schools for projects that promote the conservation and enhancement of the landscape and natural beauty of the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge. More about the fund can be found here. The Grant Application Form can be found here.

Applications can be made at any time.