About the Organisation:

Like many other organisations, LATH is having to adapt its operations to comply with the stringent conditions imposed by the Government in order to limit the spread of Covid-19. We have had to close our drop-in centre, and find other ways to help homeless, needy and lonely people.
We are still collecting supplies from supermarkets – mainly the Cooperative Group – and making up food parcels to deliver direct to the doorsteps of those needy people we have identified so far – strictly following government guidelines as to safe distancing. We are also making efforts to contact some of our regular clients who may be in need.
In addition, we are making financial contributions to several food banks in the area, and we are liaising closely with other local charities to see if there are other groups of needy people who may need support.
In short, we are doing the very best we can to continue the good work we have been doing for the past ten years.

Charity Number: 1157729
Phone: 01270 694758

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