Volunteers Week 2021 Online #Volunteeroes Showcase

(1st-7th June)
To celebrate Volunteers' Week 2021, we at CVS want to showcase the work and the impact volunteers have had in our Cheshire East community over the last 12 months. Volunteers, at the best of times, are vital to the community and during the pandemic, they have been nothing less than absolute heroes. 
In this social media-driven showcase, we want to thank and celebrate the heroes in our organisations, recognise their amazing selfless support, and encourage others to become volunteers themselves to help services re-open and recover as social restrictions lift.  
We'll be looking to produce a series of videos comprising photos, stories, testimonies, social media posts and more that will help tell the story of the volunteers in our community. We would like to include your organisation and its volunteers in the showcase. 
If you have a volunteer or group of volunteers you wish to thank or have a story about your volunteers and the impact you wish to share, please fill out the form below to feature in the 2021 Volunteers Week Volunteeroes Showcase. 
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