What is Employer Supported Volunteering?

Employer Supported Volunteering provides employees with the opportunity to volunteer with support from their employer.

This can be done in several ways:

• Time off for individual volunteering
• A programme developed by the employer, such as a team challenge event
• An ongoing arrangement with a community partner.
• Making the firm’s resources and facilities available to voluntary organisations and community groups
• Supporting employees to take on community challenges in or out of working hours
• Building partnerships with the local community

Source www.volunteernow.co.uk

Why get Involved?Supporting your employees to volunteer will provide real benefits to you, the employer, your volunteering employees and the community organisations they support.

By helping tackle local issues, you will benefit both yourself and your community. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to deal with organisations that demonstrate their corporate social responsibility and your employees will be more motivated, engaged and will learn new skills that they will bring back to the workplace.

By becoming involved with a community organisation you will demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility and will generate pride in your organisation amongst your workforce, improving their morale and motivation. 
BenefitsVolunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community, but it also can have many benefits for volunteers.

Benefits for your employees:
New experiences
Increased confidence
Feeling valued for their time
Learning new skills
Training opportunities
Awareness of others’ needs

Benefits for the community:
Creating networks with potential clients
Increase morale and motivation
Exchange of knowledge and skills
What can we do?Are you considering encouraging your employees to share their skills and talents with the community?

If you need help with finding an opportunity you can get involved with, then please contact one of our team.  

You can email the Membership Service Team enquiries@cvsce.org.uk or call 01270 763100.
What next?Once you decide to encourage your employees to share their skills and talents with the community, you will want to ensure the objectives of the company and the community group are achieved.

This requires:
Senior management commitment and buy-in
Someone with responsibility to coordinate activity
An effective monitoring and measuring process
Company investment of skills, time and resources where appropriate

Once you have everything in place within your organisation, you will need to source a volunteering opportunity.
There are many ways to source volunteering opportunities:
Contact your charity of the year (if you have one)
Ask employees
Contact CVS Cheshire East

When talking to an organisation, be prepared to answer questions such as:
Is it an individual or team opportunity (for how many employees)?
Is it one-off or ongoing? Would you like an administration based activity?
Do you want an indoor or outdoor activity?
When do you want to carry out the activity?
Can your company provide some assistance to get materials?
How will risk management and insurance issues be addressed?
Want to know more? Have a chat with our team by emailing enquiries@cvsce.org.uk or call 01270 763100.