Host Organisation: Youth Justice Service

We are looking for a committed person who can support a child who has offended to draw up a contract to complete during their statutory court order. We are open to Vols with lived experience and people who want to be part of their community.

Opportunity Interests: Advice and Guidance Services, Children and Young People, Crime/Community Safety, Families, Health and Wellbeing services, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender people, People who are unemployed, People with Drug & Alcohol Issues, People with Mental Health Issues, Refugees, people seeking Asylum, immigrants, Social Activities, Social and Community Care, Victims of Crime
Type of Activity: Befriending, Legal Work, Providing Advice, Support / Care Work, Youth Work
Location: Crewe, Macclesfield
Days and Times for the Opportunity: Tuesday EVE

YJS work with young people from the ages of 10 to 18, who have come to the attention of the police as a result of anti-social/ offending behaviour. Our Volunteers facilitate Local Justice Panels in Chester, Northwich, Runcorn, Crewe, Macclesfield and Warrington from 5pm – 8pm. A number of our volunteers also support young people to participate Reparation hours in their local community – this can include activities such as gardening, painting, cooking and restorative projects. The YJS volunteers are also offered opportunities to be part of a mentoring project, volunteers will be linked to a young person and support their attendance to YJS and ‘other’ agency appointments. This will be a befriending arrangement which potentially could result in both parties completing positive activities together.

All of our volunteers are trained in ‘Panel Matters’ and ‘Restorative Justice’. Quarterly they are encouraged to attend Volunteer team meetings and receive a monthly Newsletter to keep them informed about practice, legislation and any relevant information.
We recruit in September of each year and train in October and/or November. Potential volunteers need to attend the mandatory training which tends to run on a Saturday and Sunday

Volunteer Commitment: Long Term
Is a DBS check required for this role?: Yes
Skills and Qualifications Required:

No formal qualification is required, however IT and reading ability is necessary due to the reports that need to be read.
our volunteer pool comes from a mixed background, to those who have lived experience of offending and social problems to retired business directors, teachers or those that have worked in the caring profession.
We would prefer student applicants from year 1 (or able to give at least 2 years volunteering), someone who lives in the Cheshire area 12 months of the year and are able to get from A to B independently.
Any other volunteers will be considered

Are there any Gender or Age Restrictions?:
Do you have disabled access to the areas a volunteer would be sited?: Yes
Do you pay expenses?: Yes
If yes, for what and at what rate?:

Travel. if this is applied for then we need proof of documents licence, insurance, MOT etc. Food is provided on the night

What support is available for the volunteer?:

volunteer co-ordinator to contact
de-briefing after each panel
specialist delivery of training each quarter - Mental health; harmful sexual behavior, hate crime etc.
quarterly team meetings
monthly newsletter
supervision for mentoring roles

What training is available for the volunteer?:

3 day mandatory training at the beginning
shadowing opportunities
quarterly training