Host Organisation: East Cheshire NHS Trust

Help welcome visitors to Macclesfield General Hospital and provide them with a face mask to ensure they keep with the new government guidance

Opportunity Interests: Health and Wellbeing services
Type of Activity: Stewarding / Event Management
Location: Macclesfield
Days and Times for the Opportunity: Anytime

You will be the friendly face of the hospital, distributing face masks to all visitors who are not already wearing a covering. The role will be part of a rota of many volunteers on 3 hour shifts \t various entrances to the hospital. You will need to wear a mask while on shift, but also retain social distance where possible.
• Part of a weekly rota, at an agreed time and agreed location
• Stand behind a table in the agreed location to give out facemasks, and walk around difference facemask points to check stock
• Ask all people coming into the hospital to take and wear a face mask
• To maintain social distancing, stand behind the table during the shift and place mask on table, step back and allow person to take mask
• Facemask must be worn and will be provided for your own use

Due to the nature of volunteering in an NHS setting, there are strict recruitment processes that we have to adhere to, but we make this as easy as possible!

Volunteer Commitment: Short Term
Is a DBS check required for this role?: No
Skills and Qualifications Required:

A friendly, welcoming personality! You will need to be able to stand for 3 hours (chairs will be provided where possible), and be able to walk around different locations on the site (up to 10 minutes)

Are there any Gender or Age Restrictions?:
Do you have disabled access to the areas a volunteer would be sited?: Yes
Do you pay expenses?: Yes
If yes, for what and at what rate?:

35p/mile for petrol, or the cost of a pubic transport ticket

What support is available for the volunteer?:

support is available through the volunteer co-ordinator and other staff

What training is available for the volunteer?: