Host Organisation: East Cheshire NHS Trust

Liaison volunteer within A&E/AAU with good communication skills providing support and assistance to patients and staff

Opportunity Interests: Health and Wellbeing services
Type of Activity: Administration, Befriending, Stewarding / Event Management
Location: Macclesfield
Days and Times for the Opportunity: Anytime

Your role will be:
• To direct patients from A&E triage desk to other areas of the department
• To link with the Emergency Department clerical support worker and help in keeping patients informed in the waiting area
• To circulate around the waiting areas and cubicles talking to patients and sitting with those that need company
• To keep the departmental notice boards and information leaflet racks updated and tidy
• To help with drinks as directed with the A&E / AAU area
• To assist with patient meal times if required
• To provide support to patients filling in alcohol audit forms, friends and family questionnaires and any similar forms
• To assist the housekeeper to restock shelves, triage trolleys and linen shelves and to keep emergency department tidy
• To assist the housekeeper with transfer of patients from A&E / AAU to wards where permissible

Volunteer Commitment: Long Term
Is a DBS check required for this role?: Yes
Skills and Qualifications Required:

Good communicator with an ability to help and guide patients and staff; ability to offer some practical and admin skills; ability to be flexible and prioritise duties

Are there any Gender or Age Restrictions?:
Do you have disabled access to the areas a volunteer would be sited?: Yes
Do you pay expenses?: Yes
If yes, for what and at what rate?:

Travelling expenses @35p per mile or public transport plus free car parking

What support is available for the volunteer?:

Volunteer co-ordinator and staff in situ

What training is available for the volunteer?:

The following are provided: Statutory and Mandatory Training; Information Governance Training and
Wheelchair Manual Handling Training