Host Organisation: National Trust - Quarry Bank Mill

We are seeking a team of passionate exhibition volunteers to help bring our 6 month exhibition 'Healthy Profit' to life for our visitors.

Opportunity Interests: Arts, Heritage and Culture, Children and Young People, Environment/Conservation, Families, Health and Wellbeing services, People who are unemployed, People with Learning Disabilities, Social Activities, Social and Community Care, Voluntary and Community Sector Support, Women
Type of Activity: Stewarding / Event Management
Location: Wilmslow
Days and Times for the Opportunity: Monday AM, Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM, Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM, Thursday PM, Friday AM, Friday PM, Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM, Sunday PM

We are seeking a team of passionate exhibition volunteers to help bring our 6 month exhibition ‘A Healthy Profit’ to life for our visitors.

This exhibition will explore how the workers at Quarry Bank experienced health and illness, accident or injury, pregnancy and childbirth. What was the physical, mental and emotional experience of losing a finger, of suffering from cotton lung, of returning to work days after giving birth?

This exhibition explores the impact living and working at Quarry Bank had on certain parts of the body. Comparisons to the modern day strains we put our bodies under will encourage and inspire visitors to think about their health and wellbeing today.

• Learning more about Quarry Bank and the exhibition themes, so you can share your knowledge and use your skills to inspire, teach and captivate our visitors.
• Igniting visitors’ curiosity and providing the opportunity for them to share their own knowledge and connection with this special place.
• Highlighting the programme of events connected to the exhibition that we are running.
• Even though this is an adult focused exhibition, it is important for you to think about the needs of all visitors, including less abled people and families
• Helping to raise awareness of our cause, sharing conservation knowledge and insight.
• You are important in making sure things run as smoothly and safely as possible – this includes getting to know health and safety and evacuation procedures.

Other Information:
• We’ll help you get to know Quarry Bank, how you can help and how you will work with the rest of the team – with induction and training
• We’ll also cover agreed costs of your travel between home and Quarry Bank

Volunteer Commitment: Short Term
Is a DBS check required for this role?: No
Skills and Qualifications Required:

• Full of enthusiasm, hoping to inspire visitors of all ages and with a talent for reading body language and thinking on your feet.
• Comfortable asking questions and facilitating conversation.
• Enthusiastic about working with the public, providing an excellent visitor experience in a busy customer focused environment.
• Able to listen thoughtfully and actively.
• Not afraid to have challenging conversations and encourage debate on an interesting subject.
• Happy to participate in training about the exhibition itself, and around engaging visitors
• Available between 10am and 4pm Wednesday to Sunday between 19th October 2019 and 19th April 2020

Are there any Gender or Age Restrictions?:
Do you have disabled access to the areas a volunteer would be sited?: Yes
Do you pay expenses?: Yes
If yes, for what and at what rate?:

• We’ll also cover agreed costs of your travel between home and Quarry Bank

What support is available for the volunteer?:
What training is available for the volunteer?:

Full inductions and training will be given