Host Organisation: Dance to Health

Dance support volunteer role in a falls prevention dance programme for older people

Opportunity Interests: Community Events, Health and Wellbeing services, Older People (60+), People with Disabilities, Social Activities, Social and Community Care, Voluntary and Community Sector Support
Type of Activity: Befriending, Coaching / Mentoring, Fundraising, Support / Care Work
Location: Congleton, Crewe, Macclesfield
Days and Times for the Opportunity: Monday AM, Monday PM, Wednesday AM

Dance Support Volunteer is an essential role for every Dance to Health group. Dance Supporters are volunteers aged 18+ with experience of dance or movement and sports. As a Dance Support Volunteer, you will participate in Dance to Health sessions, offering support to the older group members and assisting the Dance Artist leading the group. As a part of the dance team delivering the project, your help will ensure that all participants get the one-to-one support they need to maximise the benefits of taking part.

Where & When

Dance to Health groups run weekly and each session lasts for 2 hours (90 minutes of activity and 30 minutes for refreshments and socialising). They are held in suitable halls in local community centres inn Congelton, Crewe and Maccelsfield. A dance support volunteer is expected to regularly attend the weekly sessions.

Main Tasks
• Participate in Dance to Health group sessions, offering particular support and one-to-one help to participants where required. For example, you may be asked to demonstrate seated options alongside less mobile participants.

• You will be part of the dance team, and the dance artist leading the sessions will direct you on how to help in each session.

• You may be asked to help with the layout of the room and distribution of equipment to participants. You may be asked to help with the music.

• As an extra pair of eyes and ears for the Dance Artist, you will use your knowledge of movement to identify participants needing assistance. You may be able to offer regressions or modified activities.

Our Dance to Health groups are involved in fundraising and social activities such as Christmas lunches and trips to see dance performances. All volunteers are very welcome to help with these tasks.

Volunteer Commitment: Long Term
Is a DBS check required for this role?: No
Skills and Qualifications Required:

• Previous experience of taking part in dance is useful but not essential. You do need to be fit and have experience with movement (Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates etc.), dance or sports and fitness.

• You need to be understanding, patient and empathetic, in order to be able to support group participants who need extra help and encouragement during sessions.

• Awareness of yourself and others in a physical space is desirable. This could mean good non-verbal communication as well as being alert to possible hazards and environmental conditions.

• Flexibility, creativity and initiative. A willingness to ‘pitch in’ with help. An enthusiastic approach and good interpersonal skills are an asset.

• It is very important that volunteers with our dance team always follow the direction of the dance artist so an ability to follow instruction as a team member is vital.

• This role suits a reliable person. Weekly attendance to sessions is desirable so our dance artists can plan sessions to include your involvement and the participants can build relationships with you.

Are there any Gender or Age Restrictions?:
Do you have disabled access to the areas a volunteer would be sited?: Yes
Do you pay expenses?: Yes
If yes, for what and at what rate?:

You may be able to claim out of pocket expenses incurred in fulfilling the role but not travel. Responsibility for reimbursement of expenses lies with each individual Dance to Health group. You will be able to request further information from the local group.

What support is available for the volunteer?:

You will be volunteering alongside a trained dance artist for Dance to Health which has a dedicated volunteer programme. Support and supervision is provided by our local coordinator and national volunteer coordinator. Training and welcome pack provided to all volunteers.

What training is available for the volunteer?:

One day training with dance artists on how to safely and effectively work with the older participants in their group. This will include an introduction to postural stability instruction, safeguarding and health and safety.