Becoming a Volunteer

You have decided to enter the world of volunteering... now how do you apply and what happens when you do? 

Step 1 - Register as a Volunteer
You need to create a Volunteer account. You can do so by completing our Volunteer Registration Form. This form asks for a few more details about you and your interests around volunteering, the information you submit in this form will be shared with the charity, community group or non-profit advertising the volunteering opportunity you apply for. This information can be edited by you at any time via the 'Volunteer Access' menu once you have logged in. 

Be sure to opt-in to receive the CVS Volunteers eBulletin when you register.  You can also Sign Up here by submitting your email.  You will receive news and updated local opportunities direct to your inbox (published approx once a month).

If you have any support needs that you feel may prevent you or someone you may know from registering and getting into volunteering. We can help with a one to one volunteering support session in tackling any challenges and finding the right opportunity for you. Call us on 01270 763 100 and talk to one of our Team.  

Step 2 - Apply
At this stage, you are all set up and ready to start applying for volunteering roles. Search through our Current Volunteering Opportunites section and at the bottom of each opportunity you will find the 'Apply Now' button. Please have a look at the videos below for a step by step guide to searching our current opportunities and applying for an opportuntity.

How to Search Our Current Volunteering Opportunties

Applying for a Volunteering Opportunity

What else might you need to know?

The volunteering opportunities hosted on our website have been submitted by the respective, charity, community group or non-profit seeking volunteers. In applying for a volunteering opportunity, your submitted details are sent the respective organisation who in turn will respond to you directly. If you haven't had a response to your application within 10 working days, drop us an email with your details to let us know.

Volunteering doesn't just help and support the organisation and community you'd be volunteering for, volunteering has real benefits for the volunteer too. There is a role out there for everyone and new volunteering opportunities appear on our website each week.

The rights of volunteers refers to the ‘best practice’ methods that we encourage organisations that we refer you on to, to adopt.  In life, rights come with responsibilities and volunteering is no exception to this.

 “Volunteering has enabled me to get more involved in the community” 
Jaime – Space4Autism (Macclesfield)

What is Volunteering?

  • Volunteering is an unpaid activity where you give your time to help a community group or charity. Unpaid volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together.
  • Volunteering support for organisations is vital. Without the 74,500* volunteering hours devoted to our Cheshire East community each week, many of the services and care delivered by our local charitable groups would not be possible.

Who can volunteer?

You can volunteer no matter your age, whether you are in work or not and whether you have any support needs, anyone can volunteer!

If you or anyone you may know has any support needs and holds an interest in volunteering, we at CVS can offer a friendly meeting with one of our staff where your needs are understood,  your questions are answered and suitable volunteering opportunities are identified from those available. 

“Volunteering has enabled me to keep busy, help young people, enjoy the company of like-minded people, to keep fit and helps me to keep young”
Capt Morris - Oakhanger Project (Alsager)


Full information about the organization and how volunteers fit in should be given at the start.

Task details

You should be given a clear description (preferably in writing) of your role, listing your tasks, responsibilities, hours agreed to and how your role will be evaluated.

“Volunteering allows you to meet & help people from all walks of life”
Viv – Cheshire Arts for Health (Sandbach)


Supervision and Support

You should be told who you are responsible to and who will provide you with daily support and supervision. You should be able to approach them to talk through any worries or concerns.


You should have opportunities for training, to develop the skills you need. Make sure the organisation knows of particular skills or interests that you have.

Review and Development

Your work may be reviewed after a few weeks and/or at regular intervals. The review should involve you and those with whom you are closely linked to

What’s the commitment?

  • You can volunteer for as many hours as you are able, day time, evenings or at weekends.
  • Opportunities range from one-offs to long term, and if you really enjoy the role, then you can volunteer for as long as you like!
  • The organisation that you volunteer with will support and guide you, and provide training (if applicable) relevant to your role. You should also be able to claim out of pocket expenses.

Who can I volunteer with?

You could be volunteering for any one of the hundreds of local Cheshire East charities, non profits, community or faith groups who actively advertise opportunities on our website.

What type of roles are available?

  • The types of roles available vary depending on the type of support needed by the advertising organisation, not unlike the jobs market. 
  • Roles can range from office administrator, event planning, social media support, gardening fundraising to becoming a trustee. Plus organisations will always welcome any additional skills you may wish to offer. 
  • New and exciting opportunities are posted each week visit our opportunities section see what’s available today.

Volunteering benefits everyone!

Volunteering is a fantastic way to support your community but it also benefits you.  

For young people 

  • Volunteering can be a fantastic way to gain valuable work experience, add to your CV and increase your prospects of future employment.  

For the currently employed

  • Volunteering offers a great chance to explore new fields of interest.  Whether you are looking for a new direction or diversity in your work life or developing your current skill set and building confidence around them. Volunteering can help.      

For the unemployed 

  • Volunteering offers an opportunity to bolster your CV in pursuit of employment and remain active during your period of unemployment.  

Volunteering should not exclude you from receiving benefits, but speak to your advisor before applying for full clarification.

For Retirees 

  • Volunteering offers the ability to continue to play an active role in the local community, apply your life skills and knowledge in support of a cause and enrich an organisation with your experience.

“I started volunteering as I had retired and felt I could give something back to society, I also enjoy boating”
Andy –Sunley Canal Boat Trust (Poynton)