CVS Trustees Network

Bringing together Trustees and Committee members of voluntary organisations in Cheshire East.

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Wednesday 15th June 2022, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

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The agenda for this network is in development.

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Our Previous Meetings:

Trustee Network - Wednesday 9th March 2022, Zoom virtual meeting

At this Trustee Network the CVS updated the network on 'Preparation for Trustee Recruitment' which was identified as something previous attendees as a topic to coverThe content included the first initial two stages of the CVS' new Trustee Programme - 'Review' stage and 'Plan' stage. In this, we covered tools and processes needed to prepare before recruiting new Trustees, as well as sharing some CVS resources that can be adapated for your own organisation. We were pleased to have Anna Maddox, Chair of the Smile Group as our guest speaker, who gave insight into her Charity as it has gone through these processes as a startup through to becoming an established charity.

Trustee Network - Wednesday 15th December 2021, Zoom virtual meeting

At this Trustee Network the CVS updated the network on plans for a new Trustee Training Programme. The programme is partly funded by recently awarded National Lottery Reaching Communities  funding, and as part of this, the CVS will be launching a 'Trustee Hub' on our website. This will host training, resources, case studies, tools and processes for non profit organisations from recruiting Trustees/Directors/Commitee Members through to how to be an effective Trustee in the role. The programme is at it's early stages and is involving the Trustee Network in how it is shaped. 


VCFS Leaders Meeting (Trustee & CEO Networks combined) - Wednesday 15th September 2021, Zoom virtual meeting

At this special network meeting we were joined by the Leaders of Cheshire East Council who shared information on the governance changes at the Council as they have moved from a Cabinet system to a Committee system. This was a chance for leaders from non profit organisations to ask questions of the Leaders, provide insight into the third sector, as well as hear from the CVS CEO Caroline and how the CVS networks meet and work together.


Trustee Network - Wednesday 28th April 2021, Zoom virtual meeting

At this Trustee Network we looked at risk management, and how trustees can implement a risk management model that enables improved forward and strategic planning, identifying known risks, making the most of opportunities, and including this in the Trustees annual reporting. We were pleased to have Saskia Ritchie-Lightburn from My CWA as our guest speaker, on how she developed and implements her charity's risk management model.


Trustee Network - Wednesday 20th January 2021, Zoom virtual meeting

At this Trustee Network we looked at how you can ensure that your organisation is making a difference and how you evidence that to others. Using the standards set in the quality mark 'Trusted Charity' we considered how to effectively monitor and and evaluate your organisations' work


Trustee Network - Wednesday 9th September 2020, Zoom virtual meeting

At the last Trustee Network we focused on Charity Law updates for Trustees. Our guest speaker was Graeme Hughes of Brabners, Solicitors, in  Liverpool. Graeme is a legal expert in the specialist field of charity law and provided a thorough update on key issues and changes that trustees need to be aware of. 


Trustee Network - Wednesday 13th May 2020, Zoom virtual meeting 

At this virtual Network we considered issues facing trustees during the COVID-19 situation and had an open discussion with trustees about challenges and difficult situations - to find solutions together.


Charity Employment Law - Wednesday 12th February 2020, New Life Church, Congleton


By popular request this Network focused on Charity Employment Law.

Topics covered included:

  • ‘You can sack anybody with less than 2 years’ service, can’t you?’
  • Engaging volunteers – legal issues to be aware of and can volunteers be paid for the roles they undertake?
  • The implications of using Trustees / Directors to deliver projects on a sessional / self-employed basis
  • The basic documentation required for employing staff
  • Sessional workers and zero-hours contracts – key issues to be aware of.

Our guest speaker was Susan McKenzie, employment solicitor at Brabners LLP


Charity Finances  and Trustees - Tuesday 5th November 2019

By popular request this Trustees Network meeting focused on CHARITY FINANCES.

We looked at key items trustees should be looking for when they read accounts; restricted and unrestricted funds and how to manage these; forecasts versus actuals; managing reserves and how to treat assets and their depreciation as well as other relevant topics.

Our guest speaker was Andrew Hague, partner of local accountancy firm, Howard Worth.


As well as managing client audits and providing general accountancy advice, Andrew specialises in charity finances, growing businesses and accounting IT systems. Andrew has numerous clients using online cloud based accounting systems and specialises in advising firms in using their technology more efficiently. He is renowned for devising pragmatic solutions to resolve difficult situations. For more information, please see Howard Worth’s website here