Understanding UK GDPR: Case Study  

By Helen Roger -  CVS Resources Development Officer 

In response to sector needs, we have dedicated time to develop UKGDPR compliance training and a factsheet resource. This initiative followed inquiries from various groups seeking clarity on how UKGDPR impacts their organisations and the necessary measures to safeguard their data. 

UKGDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation) 
The UKGDPR is a legal framework for handling personal data and must be followed by all organisations operating in the UK or processing UK data. It is crucial for charities because it ensures the protection of personal data, builds trust with donors, and helps to avoid legal penalties.  

Why are Charities at risk?  
Charities are especially at risk of data breaches due to handling sensitive personal data, having limited cybersecurity resources, and often using outdated technology. There is also a culture of trust which makes us an attractive target for cybercriminals seeking valuable data, and data breaches can cause significant damage to their reputation and donor relationships. 

Training with CVS

We have developed a short training session on UKGDPR and cyber security to help VCFSE organisations understand their responsibilities in data protection and working safely online.  

We’ve been delighted to deliver sessions to Sandbach Town Council and the Jon Shaw Foundation, with further sessions planned with South Cheshire CLASP this summer. These organisations have understood the importance of GDPR, especially with handling sensitive data, and taken steps to train their teams of trustees, staff and volunteers. During training we identified many issues and potential solutions to management of data and processes that the teams need to be involved in. 

Take this opportunity to train your team and get everyone on board with safe data processing to protect yourselves, your funders and people you support. We have a public course open to all groups in September. You can register for this session via the link below (only £10 for CVS members*) or, if you would like a private session please email enquiries@cvsce.org.uk

Register here: Introduction to UKGDPR and Cyber Security - Wednesday 25th September, 1pm-2:30pm  

*If you are not already a CVS member you can register for free by emailing enquiries@cvsce.org.uk


Read more about UKGDPR and cyber security here below: 

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