Cheshire College South & West are currently in the process of sourcing extended work placements for their third T Level Pilot commencing in September 2020. The purpose of the pilot is to provide learners with specific industry experience in readiness of offering the T Level qualifications in September 2021.


They recognise that the outbreak of Coronavirus has created difficulties for many businesses and put a strain on resources. If you decide to be part of this initiative, their learners can help ease some of the strain at no financial cost to your business. All learners are carefully selected and are in the process of gaining a professional qualification relating to the subject area of their work placement.


Please find below the numerous benefits to you the employer:

  • An extra pair of hands to assist with day to day tasks and longer-term projects
  • Attract and vet talented employees to help grow your company
  • Ongoing support available from the Work Experience Team to yourselves and the learner throughout the duration of the placement
  • Recruit learners to be your on-campus ambassadors, extending the reach of your brand
  • Gain a fresh and insightful perspective into your company
  • Improve your corporate social responsibility
  • Provide CPD and mentoring/line mentoring opportunities to your employees
  • Promote workforce diversity
  • Risk Assessments are managed by Changing Education and completed electronically
  • We profile our learners to your business, ensuring that you are matched to the most suitable candidate(s)


If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Samantha Lewis Work Experience Placement Officer via email at 

Alternatively If your company can offer a student a work experience opportunity, please send an email to:



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