The single biggest killer of men under 45? 

Shockingly, the answer is suicide.   

Even more concerning, ONS data has recently revealed that male suicide rates have now reached a 20 year high throughout the UK.


Men, is it time to talk? 

Unfortunately, the stigma for men to talk about feelings or show any vulnerability has created a male culture that now suffers in silence.  


The result? - Men are less likely to access psychological therapies than women (Only 36% of referrals to IAPT are men), and over 75% of all suicides are male.

There is hope

One group determined to buck the trend is Mentell, a Charity with roots in Cheshire East that has provided safe and confidential spaces for men to talk since 2017.

The impact of lockdown 

On the back of lockdown, Mentell opened up an online service for men to offload worries and concerns in the comfort of their own home. The impact of COVID-19 marked a 300% jump in demand for online support with just short of 1000 men now signed up across the UK. 

The service has provided a vital lifeline for many men throughout pandemic and continues to offer weekly support for many more in need.


'Very easy to join & the space that each circle provides is so important for men who need the care.'


'I've been going to Mentell Online for a couple of weeks now and they have really helped during some difficult times.'


Looking ahead 

Evidence from the last recession in 2008 showed that for every 10% increase in unemployment there was a mirrored 2.3% increase in male suicide – 34% of unemployed people experienced mental distress, compared to 16% of those in employment. source

With millions of jobs at risk across the country - Men now more than ever need to know there is always a space to talk.

We need your help!

We have teamed up with Mentell on world suicide prevention day to release a short video that demonstrates the importance of taking steps to start talking. 


We need your help to share the life-saving message, click the link below or go to the Mentell Facebook Page and share the pinned video with your friends and family.

Mentell World Prevention Video 

Thank You


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