Many Voices, One Purpose: Trustee Appreciation in Cheshire East

By Kathryn Sullivan - Co CEO at CVS Cheshire East

The annual celebration of all things Trustee is upon us, and we would like to start by thanking our own trustees, as well as all the trustees that keep the Voluntary ,Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector going. Many of you do so much more than the "Essential" Trustee! 

The theme of this week is Many Voices. Working Together. With Purpose. We like to think that Community & Voluntary Services Cheshire East (CVSCE) embodies all three of these segments as a whole. Over the coming weeks, we will be talking to VCFSE sector leaders, representatives, workers and volunteers about what it means to be a sector of many voices. How we can work together. And to what purpose. I can't wait!

But back to Trustees' Week. 

There are so many amazing events happening across the country; if you're not following NCVO, NAVCA, Getting on Board, Reach Volunteering and the Charity Commission itself - I highly recommend that you do! CVSCE are here to support trustees in Cheshire East in a number of ways; find out more here, and get in touch with our Sector Development Team for more information on 01270 763100 and at 

Cheshire East is filled with amazing volunteers; our trustees are just one part of that busy VCFSE Sector. But what a fantastic part they play. From trustees of larger charities with a team of staff to support, motivate and inspire during this long post-Covid recovery period to those keeping smaller and micro charities alive through sheer willpower alone it seems sometimes. We thank you for doing what you are - for nothing but the satisfaction of a job well done - to improve our communities. 

If you've never considered being a trustee - now is the perfect time to have that thought and do something about it! CVSCE will be launching its own trustee recruitment process at the end of the month, but there are so many organisations actively looking for people you to lead their work. You don't need to have previous governance experience; you don't need to have reached a certain point in your career; you don't need to immediately understand the ins and outs of the organisation. What you do need is a commitment to making things better, stronger, more resilient; a questioning approach to oversight - why do we do things this way?; and the integrity to do the right thing with the information you have. Follow us for more updates on becoming a trustee - and what to do when you get there!

Once again, we at CVSCE are proud of our trustees and the collective force of trusteeship in Cheshire East. We hope to work with many of you directly in the coming months.

Disclaimer: CVS Cheshire East cannot make any guarantees about news, events and training that have been submitted from external sources