Liverpool Social Care Partnership (LSCP) are proud to have been commissioned to work with Adult Social Care providers, their service users and families across England, to research and highlight the importance of data & cyber security when choosing a care provider.  This work was commissioned by Better Security, Better Care on behalf of the Department of Health.  

LSCP are looking for service users and their advocates / families who are willing to take part in some research to help us establish the current understanding of data/cyber security within Adult Social Care. We would appreciate your help and assistance in reaching out to organisations and individuals who may wish to take part. 

Participants will be asked to either

·Complete a questionnaire (online or paper)

·Attend a focus group to discuss what is data / cyber security and what should we look for when choosing a care provider (This may be face to face or online        via Zoom, dependent on location and covid status)

·Take part in a one-to-one interview to answer questions to establish their understanding and expectations.

We have attached a selection of flyers and posters which we would be very grateful if you could display and circulate to enable potential participants to get in touch with us and give us their views.

Please contact us if any interested individuals require the format in any specific format and we will endeavour to meet your request. 

If you want any more information regarding this matter before you circulate our invite, please do not hesitate to contact: 0151 270 1703 or

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