Dying Matters - Can you help improve palliative and end of life care in Cheshire?  


The Strategic Collaborative Cheshire (SCC) is an organisation which brings together the leaders of the organisations who provide, commission and influence palliative and end of life care in Cheshire. 


During this year’s Dying Matters week, we want to understand what the people of Cheshire think and know about palliative and end of life care. This will help us work together to develop and enhance the services that are important to our local populations. 


Along with Cheshire East and West Healthwatch, the SCC are running a short, ten question survey that you can complete to let us know your views. There are no right answers in this survey, the aim is to understand what people know and feel about palliative and end of life care, death and dying.  


Please follow the link below to complete the survey, if you find this uncomfortable, please stop at any time.  





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