Cheshire IBCLCs part of Group Boosting Support for Breastfeeding


Cancellation of health and support services has hit families across the UK hard. This includes the suspension of local face to face antenatal breastfeeding support classes.


Public Health England have designated 1-7th Jun 2020 as Breastfeeding Celebration week with the theme “Promoting and supporting breastfeeding in the Covid-19 pandemic” and this also coincides with National Volunteers Week.


The Breastfeeding Education in Pregnancy Project (BEPP UK) is a response by a group of IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) coming together from across the UK as volunteers with the aim of doing something about the loss of this vital education.


With breastfeeding rates still struggling to achieve significant improvements, early education, intervention and support is even more vital to the protection of the breastfeeding dyad in those precious early days. It is well known that new mothers often struggle to breastfeed their infants - with proper support and correct advice success rates could be much higher.


In a short space of time the BEPP UK team have put together a website, social media presence offering tips and advice, as well as producing a 1hr presentation covering Breastfeeding Essentials and offering live workshops. 


The workshops reflect current best practice, helping new mothers avoid pitfalls and myths surrounding the art of breastfeeding. Topics covered include information about how breasts actually work to make and transfer milk, newborn instinctive behaviours including the little understood fourth trimester, the value of time spent skin to skin with baby, getting breastfeeding off to a good start, how to tell if it is going well by understanding your baby and breastfeeding in the current Covid-19 situation. Demand for the workshops has been huge with the team now offering 4 or more free workshops every week and supporting more than 300 families so far.


Responding to requests, BEPP UK have expanded the workshops to include more specialist topics such as ‘Breastfeeding Essentials from an Islamic Perspective’. The newly launched ‘Supporting your Breastfeeding Partner’ workshop is aimed directly at partners of those considering breastfeeding and will provide a space for them to discuss what their role might look like as well as understanding how breastfeeding works and how they can best support the one they love.


Following each workshops families are given exclusive access to a members area with further resources and invited to join a facebook members community for continuing support from the team as well as valuable peer support and accurate evidence based reference information.


The team comprises -

Clare Watson, IBCLC, Nutrition and Nurture – Congleton

Zurina Ali, IBCLC, Nutrition and Nurture – Manchester

Laura Evans, IBCLC, Nutrition and Nurture – Chester

Arielle Ball, IBCLC, Aberdeen Breastfeeding Consultancy – Aberdeen

Jenny Drew (admin) – Congleton


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