In 2015, CVS Cheshire East carried out a survey to gather information from Voluntary Sector organisations in Cheshire East to help understand and evidence the diversity and strength of our local Voluntary, Community and Charitable organisations. 

This report reviews how our local Sector has responded over the last 5 years to the challenging and changing environment.

Responses show some really powerful information about our paid and volunteer workforce locally.  

For example,

  • On average 53,004 people volunteer in our community
  • Each week volunteers contribute 74,522 hours of their time
  • 21% of the population volunteer
  • Volunteering is worth £25million to our local economy
  • Our local VCFS employs 2.5% of the workforce
  • The total income for our local sector in 2014-2015 was expected to be just over £200 million
  • 64% of our local sector has an income of less that £100,000 with just under a quarter (24%) having an income of less than £10,000

Click here to download our Hidden Power Report.



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