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Volunteering can be used as a modern life tool, for you and anyone else to achieve personal goals, ambitions and a sense of personal fulfilment, its a platform for you to freely do what matters to you. Explore new career paths, add to your CV, gain work experience, develop and learn new skills, try new interests, take on a new challenge, expand your social life and make new friends. Where ever you might find yourself in life, volunteering can be a way to start defining a new and positive lifestyle for yourself, make good things happen for you. 

We at Community & Voluntary Services (CVS) host an online volunteer recruitment service. This service is completely free and open to anyone wishing to volunteer or advertise their volunteering opportunities. There are 100s of volunteering opportunities made available throughout the year with new opportunities added weekly. The opportunities available are listed by the many voluntary, community and faith sector organisations based or working within Cheshire East looking for that vital volunteer support. 

This online service starts with users pre-registering with us then using that gained volunteer login to search and apply for opportunities on our website. Registering volunteers can also opt-in to receive our Volunteers eBulletin which keeps our community updated with news, projects, discussions and new volunteering opportunities. 

Organisations wishing to advertise their volunteering opportunities on our site must first request a Volunteer Managers Account which grants them the tools to list their roles.  

The support we're looking for

We are looking to work closely with the larger Cheshire East community in making our services known and accessible to as many as possible, and to create awareness about the benefits of volunteering for the volunteer and the difference it makes in our community (#MakeGoodThigsHappen for you and the world around you). 

During this campaign, we have worked with Cheshire College South and West in establishing a link from the college's work experience web portal to our volunteering services to help students find work experience placements through volunteering.

They are just one of many organisations and businesses in our community that actively encourage their staff to volunteer, either through CSR policies or employer-supported volunteer schemes. We aim to create ties with these organisations and offer our volunteer services in support of these policies and to help our Cheshire East charities, non-profits and community groups receive more of the volunteering support on offer.     

Every volunteering hour makes a difference. Hundreds of voluntary, community and faith-based organisations provide services within and to the Cheshire East community. Volunteering is a vital pillar of support for these organisations and the services they deliver to the thousands of local individuals that depend on them on a daily basis, in some cases these services are entirely dependent on, managed and delivered by volunteers. 

Example of an employer supported volunteering project

Volunteering was a vital pillar of the CVS Christmas Toy appeal and a testament to the impact volunteering has in our community, as 25 volunteers gave 132 hours of their time over 6 weeks to organise, promote, fundraise and distribute the donated toys. 

Over 1500 gifts and toys were donated and collected, 22 local Cheshire East charities and family services were supported by the appeal over the Christmas period providing presents to children that might go without.  

This is just one example of a project being delivered in our community that could not have happened without the support of volunteers, there are entire services being delivered in our community that depend on volunteer support.

We were grateful to have had Access Group and DWP staff volunteer with us as part of their employer supported volunteer schemes to make this possible. 


CVS offers those with support needs a free one to one introductory session with an experienced CVS staff member, we can learn of your support needs, answer any questions you might have about getting into volunteering, and find the right role for you. Contact us on 01270 763 100 or email enquiries@cvsce.org.uk to arrange the session.


CVS and our #MakeGoodThingsHappen campaign are partnering up with the Crewe Town Council led  #InCrewe campaign. CVS will be delivering and acting as a focal point the 'volunteer' portion for #InCrewe. 

#InCrewe is a campaign highlighting the culture and enjoyment the town has to offer its residents and visitors, and volunteering is a great way to get involved and experience just that.  

#MakeGoodThingsHappen volunteer #InCrewe.

Support of our campaign from private and statutory organisations would go along way in raising the number of the vital volunteering support hours in our VCFS community.   

If as an employer your organisation has a volunteering scheme, encourage your employees to take up their volunteering hours using our services. There are a host downloadable resources and information further down the page, you can also request a promo pack of materials for use in staff room areas. Members of the CVS team would be available to run a free Introduction to Volunteering session with your staff in support of your scheme. 

Even your organisation doesn't have a volunteer scheme, we would still love the opportunity to hold talks, presentations, drop-in sessions within your place of business or your community group. Either formally during an in-house activity or informally during a break period, highlighting the personal benefits of volunteering with the aim of gaining new volunteer registrations on behalf of the community we support.

To support our #MakeGoodThingsHappen campaign in this way, please contact us on 01270 763 100 or email enquiries@cvsce.org.uk.


For businesses, community organisations, education centres, event organisers and public venues who would like to get behind the campaign and help communicate the message that volunteering is a great way to make good things happen for you and the world around you, can order a support pack containing leaflets posters and other materials to display in spaces accessible by staff, customers and members of the public.

Being able to have in place leaflets and posters in public access and busy footfall areas would help create fantastic awareness of our campaign

Click here to request your #MakeGoodThingsHappen Promo Pack.




Help us go viral!

A very simple way to support the campaign is to spread awareness across Facebook and Twitter. You can do this by sharing or retweeting some of our own CVS social media posts (@CVSCE on Twitter or CVS Cheshire East on Facebook), writing your own posts using the hashtag #MakeGoodThingsHappen.

Current Volunteers and VCFS Organisations

Download the #MakeGoodThingsHappen social media supporters pack and use some of our prepared content and post ideas to share your messages and experiences about volunteering or your organisation's volunteers. We will pick these posts up, retweet, like and share, and use them in other areas of the campaign like our newsletters, presentations and website. 

We would like to be able to put in place as many online referral links on partner sites as possible, widening the entry point into volunteering for the Cheshire East community. 

We are looking for organisations that host either community centred website or employee-facing intranet sites that are willing to support our campaign by linking and listing information about our volunteer services on among their pages.

Below are a couple of pre-made buttons (you can download) ready to be placed on your site by your web administrator. But we are more than happy to help create something more bespoke or tailored for your website's audience and support this information being put in place. 

Campaign Button for Websites

Campaign Button HTML Code 

If you have any questions and would like to back our campaign in this way, with our support, please contact our Marketing Manager Andrew Luisis directly, email andrew.luisis@cvsce.org.uk  or phone 01270 763 100.



New downloadables will be available throughout the #MakeGoodThingsHappen campaign, but a quick and easy way to support this fantastic cause where you are would be to download and display one of our posters in public/staff and guest areas. 





This one is for all the voluntary, community and faith sector organisations. Advertising your opportunities on our website is completely free, and the more opportunities our community make available the more we can offer our current and newly registering volunteers. 


Details on how you can advertise your role can be found here.