Reviewing peer support available to pregnant women

The project focused on:

What peer support is currently available

The experience of mums

The practicalities of setting up peer support

Click on the report title page below to access the summary report:

Perinatal Mental Health Report: Summary

The Full Report was completed in February 2017 and covers in greater detail:

The details of peer support currently available

The experience of mums (including the words of individual service users covering how peer support has had an impact on them)

The practicalities of setting up peer support


Section 1: Details Of Peer Support Currently Available

Section 2: The Experience Of Mums

Section 3: The Practicalities Of Setting Up Peer Support


At the end of each project, the research is presented by the Community JSNA team to officers from Cheshire East Council and Eastern and South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, who have commissioned the work. The commissioners provide details of what they will do with the information and how it will be used, and this is fed back to organisations that have contributed to the research and to the wider VCFS sector.

Peer support and Perinatal Mental Health, what next?

This report recommends the development of a cross-sector partnership to facilitate the sharing of best practice, explore expanding referral pathways between all providers and add value to the local offer. It was suggested that the existing Maternal Mental Health Working Group could evolve to include VCFS providers, and be the body to take this forward.

Community JSNA staff created a Perinatal Mental Health Action Plan based on the finding of the research and this has been shared with stakeholders through interviews with VCFS providers and meetings with health visitors. The action plan has also been shared with commissioners who are planning to adopt some of the suggestions.

The Report has also informed the Cheshire East Council Perinatal Mental Health JSNA and data from the findings have been included in the Council's Public Health Annual Report.

Information about how to access support for perinatal mental health has now been included in the MIND Peer Support directory of services, and will be part of the Cheshire East Council (CEC) Living Well online directory.

Contact the CVS Community JSNA team: or telephone 01270 763100.