Learning Disabilities (August 2019)

The Community JSNA team at CVS Cheshire East were asked to undertake engagement work with local community groups to examine the support Voluntary, Charity and Faith Sector (VCFS) organisations are providing to people with learning disabilities within the Cheshire East region. 

The purpose of this project was to better understand the nature, content and delivery of existing VCFS provision, and to identify any gaps in provision and opportunities for improvement. The work has involved 23 in-depth one-to-one interviews with VCFS service providers and more than 25 hours' worth of recordings. Gaps in service provision, barriers to access and opportunities for improvement are all included within the report.

Thank you to all of the VCFS groups and organisations that gave us their time and the benefit of their experiences.

The key findings report can be accessed here.

The geographical map detailing VCFS learning disability support services can be found here. This includes breakdowns of service type by geographical area and outlines Clinical Commissioning Group Care Community areas.

Further details of VCFS service provision available within Cheshire East (including activities, locations and criteria for access) can be found here.

The Methodology Statement for the project can be found here.

Cheshire East Council (CEC)

CEC Public Health Intelligence supporting information (including Cheshire East qualitative data covering estimated numbers, housing and employment) can be found here.

Information about Cheshire East Council learning disabilities respite provision can be found here.

The CEC commissioned short break children's activities can be found here.

Day service options for people with learning disabilities can be found here.

The newly published Cheshire East Council Learning Disabilities strategy is available here

The Supported Employment service for people with disabilities can be found here.

If you are an organisation providing employment support to people with learning disabilities you can contact the Supported Employment team to be included on their Welfare to Work directory at supportedemployment@cheshireeast.gov.uk

The contacts for this project are:

Suzanne Thomas (suzanne.thomas@cvsce.org.uk) and Holly Higgins (holly.higgins@cvsce.org.uk).

Telephone: 01270 763100

The key contributors to this project were:

Autism Networks
Bren Project
Central Cheshire Buddy Scheme
Cheshire Arts for Health
Cheshire Autism Practical Support
Cheshire Centre for Independent Living
Cheshire Down's Syndrome Support Group
Disability Information Bureau
Friends for Leisure
Grozone Community Garden
Knutsford GROW
Macclesfield Community Garden Centre
Pathways CIC
Petty Pool College
Ruby's Fund
Swimming clubs: Alsager Swans, Aquarius, Seahorse
Space 4 Autism
Speaking Up Speaking Out (SUSO)
Supported Community Business (Special Needs) Ltd
Rossendale Trust
Time Out Group
Wingate Centre
Wishing Well - Supported Young Adults