Our experienced Membership Services Team can offer advice and support covering all aspects of running your group.

We have written a series of information sheets and resources that can get you started if you feel confident on your own. If you would like to talk through any queries, or would like some support forming your group, then join CVS and our expert team can support you and your organisation with information, advice and guidance via the phone, email or in person. 

You will find information and resources relating to running you group under each of the blue sections below. They are arranged under the different headings of GRIPP Assurance.  GRIPP is a  step towards a quality assurance mark which has been developed by CVS. 

Please note that all these resources/templates will need to be adapted to fit your own organisation and your dedicated Development Officer can help you with this if you would find this beneficial.


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Online Information Sheets - Click on the header to access the sample policies and resources which you will need to adapt to suit your organisation

The GRIPP Online Checklist GRIPP can help you assess the health of your organisation, where you are now and where you want to be.

To find out more about GRIPP and the Online Checklist please click here  


For any enquries about GRIPP contact us by emailing enquiries@cvsce.org.uk or by calling 01270 763 100.

Didn't find what you were looking for? 

If there is a policy or procedure that you need that isn't listed here email us and we will do our best to produce one or signpost you to where you need to be