Whether you enjoy meetings or dread them, they are an essential part of running a community group or charity. Meetings allow the trustees or committee to make decisions and ensure that an organisation is managed effectively and is able to meet its aims. 

Types of MeetingThere are three main types of meeting that organisations need to consider:
General Meeting - Meetings that deal with the day to day running of an organisation. 
Annual General Meeting (AGM)- Meetings that review the year of the organisation, all members should be invited and officers will be elected/ re-elected. 
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) - Meeting that is called in exceptional circumstances, such as when quick decisions need to be made or the charity is in some form of difficulty.
Officer RolesThere are three main roles that are involved in the running of a community group or charity, as well as other Trustees who may be involved in other strategic work of the charity. These are:
 DocumentsThere may be a need to circulate a number of documents before meetings however the main essential documents needed are an agenda and minutes of previous meetings.