Welcome to the GRIPP Online Checklist!

We have devised this online checklist to get you started in assessing your organisation's strengths and weaknesses. It is also a tool that is used by our Development Officers to create a bespoke plan of support for your organisation. We ask organisations to complete this every year, as it helps identify how much progress you have made and re-assess areas to work on.

The GRIPP online checklist is something that any organisation can complete - whether just starting out, or having existed for years. The GRIPP online Checklist takes about 15mins to complete, but if you would prefer to be supported by a Development Officer don't hesitate to get in contact. 

The checklist has 5 areas that it uses to review how your organisation is working
Governance (the organisational structure and management)
Resources (physical and financial resources)
Information (communications and internal data collection)
Projects (how you plan and deliver your service)
People (staff, volunteers and service users)

Every organisation that completes the checklist will get a report summarising their results however, You need to be a member of CVS to generate a bespoke action plan. To find out more about membership, please click here.

We recognise that the person who completes this checklist may not have the full knowledge of the organisation, however please don't let that stop you completing the checklist. In developing the tailored action plan we can identify others within your organisation that we could talk to or support if required. 

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