Looking for funding?

We can help both before and during the application process 

We can search for funding, advise on potential funders to approach plus give you guidance on the best way to approach them.  We also offer a 'read through' service for CVS members by  reading through your application and advise you on any changes that might need to be made and as we are not directly involved in your project we can be more objective and read the application from a funder’s point of view. 

Although we will always offer help, our full funding service mentioned above is only available to member organisations of CVS Cheshire East. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member and what other membership benefits you could receive, please click here.

If you would like to book an appointment with your dedicated CVS Development Officer but unsure who that might be, email enquiries@cvsce.org.uk or call 01270 763100.

Useful websites for finding research and data to support your funding bids:
  • Poverty in England - gives figures on such issues as poverty, life expectancy, social housing, and ranks them separately, and overall. The information is based on parishes.
  • JSNA - online resource for local data and information serving the communities of Cheshire and Warrington.
  • ONS - download Census data and other public information. You can then add your own data, plot it on a graph and include it in your next bid.