We have written a series of templates and resources to support your development as an organisation, all of which are free to download. These resources are categorised below under the different headings of GRIPP, the CVS assessment tool and our quality assurance mark 'GRIPP Assured'. 

Please note that all the resources/templates below are suggestions only and will always need to be adapted to fit your own organisation’s circumstances, needs, activities and assessed risks. Depending on the needs of your organisation, some of these policies will need considerable amendment and/or additions.

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Organisational Structure and Management


Conflict of Interest Policy - CVS Template

Health and Safety Policy - CVS Template

Risk Assesment - CVS Template

Trustee Application Form - CVS Template

Trustee Induction Pack - CVS Template

Trustee Role Description - CVS Template


Factsheets & Useful Links 

ACAS Employment Support - ACAS Web Link

Business Planning - CVS Factsheet

Choosing The Right Legal Form - Get Legal Web Link

Church to CIO - Edward Connor Solicitors Booklet

Get Legal Website - Get Legal Weblink

Gift Aid Guidance - GOV UK Web Link

Good Governance - CVS Factsheet

Insurance - CVS Factsheet

Legal Update Website for Voluntary Organisations - Sandy Adirondack's Web Link

Meetings - CVS Web Link

Music Licences - Cheshire Community Action Factsheet

New Eligibility Criteria For Trustees and Senior Staff - CVS Factsheet

Physical and Financial Resources


Budget - CVS Template

Funding Strategy - CVS Template

Trustee Induction Pack - CVS Template


Factsheets & Useful Links 

Banking - CVS Factsheet

Income Spectrum - NCVO Factsheet

Partnership Working Points To Consider - CVS Factsheet

Skills Audit - CVS Factsheet

Step By Step Guides To Employing Staff - GOV UK Web Link 

Communications and Internal Data Collection


Confidentiality Policy - CVS Template

Data Breach Process - CVS Template

Data Protection Policy - CVS Template

Financial Procedures Policy - CVS Template

ICT Security Policy - CVS Template

Reserves Policy - CVS Template

Social Media Policy CVS Template

Factsheets & Useful Links 

GDPR For Charities - Information Commissioners Office Web Link

Monitoring & Evaluation - CVS Factsheet

Delivering Your Services


Complaints Policy - CVS Template

IT Policy - CVS Template

Project Plan - CVS Template

Factsheets & Useful Links 

Business Planning - CVS Factsheet

Organisational Chart - CVS Web Link


Staff, Volunteers and Service Users


DBS Risk Assessment Guidance - CVS Template

Equality and Diversity Policy - CVS Template

Lone Working Policy - CVS Template

Recruitment Policy - CVS Template

Recruiting Ex-Offenders Policy Statement - CVS Template

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy - CVS Template

Safeguarding Children Policy - CVS Template

Volunteer Induction Checklist - CVS Template

Volunteer Policy - CVS Template

Volunteers Problem Solving Procedure - CVS Template


Factsheets & Useful Links 

Letters, Forms and Checklists for Hiring, Managing and Disciplining Staff - ACAS Web Link

Role Descriptions - CVS Factsheet