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CCP works to ensure that local people can be involved directly with innovative events and activities going on in their town in order to create an identity with, and a sense of belonging to, the place they live and work in. CCP also has the resources to advise and support
voluntary groups, organisations and individuals who would like to organise their own community or fundraising events. CCP also devised and produced the 'Get Involved' Index of local organisations now in its third edition. CCP works in partnership with the Electric Picture House offering public art workshops and other community arts and theatre projects. We work with Congleton Town Council and we are a member of Congleton Partnership and CVSCE. We also created and manage Cheshire Marshals.

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Phone: 01260 270908

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Are you interested in working with other organisations in joint funding bids / Tenders to support your beneficiaries?: Yes
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Electric Picture House
Cross Street
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