About the Organisation:

We are a cheshire based charity working for and with anyone who has issues with or wants to improve their sexual health, sexuality or living with HIV. Our aim is to help you improve your sexual health and live your life to the fullest. In doing this we offer support advice and guidance to all around sexual health, relationships and sexuality. In addition to this we can provide a full STi test screen and free condoms.
Body Positive has a highly successful education based service offering sessions to schools, colleges and local groups around sexual health, relationships and sexual diversity.
We have specific projects supporting people identifying as lesbian gay bi or trans and provide social support groups aimed at reducing isolation. Lastly we have a free counselling service for individuals struggling with or experiencing difficulties relating to their sexuality.

Charity Number: 1009850
Company Number: Body Positive
Phone: 01270 653150

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Do you hold GRIPP? No
Other Quality Marks held: investors in people

Joint Working

Are you interested in working with other organisations in joint funding bids / Tenders to support your beneficiaries?: Yes
Contact Name: Mrs Sally Probert-Hill


Bridgewater House
230 Edleston Road