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Online CRB/DBS Checks APCS specialise in processing disclosures, offering a dedicated, highly efficient and cost effective service to everyone, from individuals and small business owners, to major public and private sector companies and organisations.

Customer service is of paramount importance to us, we work hard to ensure all our customers receive the best criminal record checking service in the industry.

Service details:

Success Built on Trust APCS has been processing Disclosures since CRB/DBS checks first began.

We are now one of the largest DBS check providers in the country, processing in excess of 90,000 DBS Disclosures last year as well as Basic Disclosures through Disclosure Scotland. Speed of Service

Our speed of service is second to none. The quickest disclosure to process took 61minutes ! The mean time taken is 3 days.

Best for Accuracy Our eBulk application error rate is under 0.1%!


The main reason for that is that data is validated when the applicant enters it - the system will tell them if they make mistakes which are then easily rectified.

Independent APCS has no connection with any other business. We specialise solely in processing disclosures and vetting personnel.

Free Advice

APCS are pleased to offer free advice on all aspects of DBS Checks.

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CVS Cheshire East will receive a small payment for all new organisations who register using this reference code. All income from commission helps to pay for the vital services CVS Cheshire East delivers to it's member organisations.

Important changes regarding the processing of Basic Disclosures and new ID checking guidelines. 

1.     Basic Disclosures

APCS are proud to be the first organisation in the UK to connect to the DBS to provide Basic Disclosures for England and Wales. We have recently started forwarding all Basic Disclosures for England and Wales through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Processing timescales for DBS Basic Disclosures are favourably quicker- most are being processed the same day, some only in a matter of minutes! This has been greatly received by APCS customers have time and time again commented on these rapid turnaround times ultimately speeding up recruitment times. 

For Basic Disclosures, you simply add a “B” (or “b”) on the end of the ten-digit user id number which you issue to the applicant, e.g. 0123456789B. This will ensure the application is for a DBS Basic Disclosure. 

There are only a few minor differences to the online application form for DBS Basic Disclosures including a question which asks YES or NO if the applicant is working in England or Wales and a question asking if the applicant wants his/her certificate to be sent to an alternative address. There is also an additional question on the id checking page which asks about which sector the applicant will be working in.

The DBS will send us an electronic notification of the result of each Basic Disclosure and we will forward these to the relevant contact on your Account. 

The DBS automatically forward the DBS Basic Disclosure Certificate to the applicant’s home address. However, the applicant can select whether to have their Disclosure Certificate sent to an alternative address, e.g. a holiday address, a relative’s address, an organisation address etc, by entering the details on the relevant application screen.

If you require further information or know of any organisations that would benefit from our APCS services, please contact our team on 0151 638 6158 or alternatively email us at

2.     ID checking guidelines

New ID checking guidelines have been introduced on 24 October 2017 which apply to all applications for standard or enhanced DBS checks. The new guidelines will run in parallel with the existing guidelines from 24 October 2017 to 25 January 2018, when the existing guidelines will cease to apply.


New ID checking guidelines for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks:


There are different ID checking guidelines which apply to the new DBS Basic Disclosure checks:


 If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on 0845 643 1145.

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