The CVS GRIPP Digital Spotlight Seminar Series comprises of 5 individual seminars focusing on the 5 key areas CVS use to asses organisations as part of GRIPP Assurance, with a spotlight on the digital tools, resources and workflows available to support organisations in these areas.  

 The first 3 seminars, Governance, Resources and Information will be streamed on Facebook Live, contribute to the discussions through the Live Chat. Be sure to follow us over at Facebook ( to receive invites to the stream. The recordings will also be made available here on our site after each event.

Holmes Chapel Lesuire Centre • November 14th 
10am - 1pm • Refreshments available • Lunch provided at 1pm 

The first in a series of CVS seminars covering Governance, Resources, Infomation, People and Projects.
The Seminar will involve speakers on two topics Risk Management and DBS checks.

Risk management will enable you to understand and explore what risk means for your organisation, consider what risks you should be monitoring and get access to a template you can use.

The DBS session will cover, should you as Trustees be DBS checked, when to check staff and volunteers and when and how you should make disclosures.
During this event we will be holding our 2018 AGM, hear about how we have been supporting you and our plans for the future.  During this seminar we are keen to hear from Trustees about how we can support you including reviewing the current Trustees network.