The CVS GRIPP Digital Spotlight Seminar Series comprises of 5 individual seminars focusing on the 5 key areas CVS use to assess organisations as part of GRIPP Assurance, with a spotlight on the digital tools, resources and workflows available to support organisations in these areas. The series will close on 3 webinars on (TBA) subjects raised by the discussions and feedback from the seminars.

 All the GRIPP Digital Spotlight Seminars will also be live streamed via Facebook Live.

  • Those watching live can participate in Q&As via the Facebook Live Chat feature.
  • A member of the CVS team will be hosting the Facebook Chat and verbalising your questions during the relevant segments.
  • You can join the stream later and rewind to any previous point. 
  • The full video will be available to view on our Facebook page and website shortly after the end of the stream to watch at your leisure, along with any recourses made available during the seminar.

It is worth noting there is a broadcast delay when it comes to live streaming, this could be between 10-30 secs dependant on your hardware and Internet connection, This may result in any comment and questions you post not being picked up on immediately.

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Wednesday 16th January - 10am to 1pm -  Sandbach Town Hall


Two talks will run during the morning:


Funding Toolkit 'Broaden your Funding Streams': Don't be reliant on grants. Find out ways you can diversify your sources of income!


Top tips for digital fundraising: Find out how to make the most of online giving and mobile phone giving!


Alongside these seminars, we will be hosting our Meet the Funder event. We are delighted to be welcoming the following Funders:

Cheshire Community Foundation

Crewe Town Council

LLoyds Bank Foundation

Big Lottery - Reaching Communities

Robert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust

South West Peak Community Foundation

These events offer a fantastic opportunity for groups to speak directly to funders by having one to one appointments with them.  Groups can run ideas for possible applications past funders and learn more about funders’ criteria and what they are looking for in applications.  Groups have been very successful in securing funding in the past after attending Meet the Funder so we would really encourage you to attend and make the most of this opportunity.  




Held on Wednesday 14th November 2018




 Start - DBS checks, when should you use them?, Esther Bromley, Support Staffordshire
48:00:00 - Risk Management Why it’s important for all organisations, David Brookes, Railway Children
1:04:40 - Risk Management Why it’s important for all organisations, Rob Wardle, Cr8
1:23:00 - Round Table Discussions on Risk Management (apologies for the poor audio)
1:56:00 - Final Summary, Caroline Whitney, Chief Executive, CVS

[CVS Risk Register Excel Template DOWNLOAD]


The first in a series of CVS seminars covering Governance, Resources, Infomation, People and Projects.

The seminar featured speakers on two topics Risk Management and DBS checks.

Risk management will enable you to understand and explore what risk means for your organisation and consider what risks you should be monitoring.

The DBS session will cover, should you as Trustees be DBS checked, when to check staff and volunteers and when and how you should make disclosures.