The CVS GRIPP Digital Spotlight Seminar Series comprises of 5 individual seminars focusing on the 5 key areas CVS use to assess organisations as part of GRIPP Assurance, with a spotlight on the digital tools, resources and workflows available to support organisations in these areas. The series will close on 3 webinars on (TBA) subjects raised by the discussions and feedback from the seminars.

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Wednesday 27th February 2019
Holmes Chapel Community Centre
10am - 1pm

The third in our GRIPP Digital Spotlight series, this seminar will focus on the INFORMATION element of GRIPP.

This event will be looking at:

DATA PROTECTION ON A PRACTICAL LEVEL - How you can manage your data effectively, legally and in the best way for your organisation.
CCIL (Cheshire Centre for Independent  Living) and Visyon will be sharing their experiences of introducing GDPR changes and will share good practice and practical tips in relation to adult and children's data.


DIGITAL COMMUNICATION - How best to deliver an effective message to the right people. 
This will include how to choose the right message, make it relatable, interact with your audience, what free tools are available to help you and how to ensure you are consistent and follow through with the message you want to share. The speaker is Vicky Pulman of Pulman PR,  a local PR professional with strong media connections. With 16 years in a marketing role, Vicky has developed and implemented effective marketing communications across a broad spectrum of channels using a wide range of multi-media tools and resources.


There will then follow a brief session led by CCIL about digital tools that can help you share your message with those whose needs may require extra consideration.

Lunch will be provided.

An afternoon training session on 'Cyber Security Training for Small Charities and Community Groups' is available but MUST be booked separately here. Places for the afternoon session are very limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.




Held on Wednesday 16th January 2019


0:04:20 - Funding Toolkit 'Broaden your Funding Streams - Heidi Bibby, Development Officer CVS
00:12:05 - Funding Toolkit 'Broaden your Funding Streams - Lisa Ball Community Fundraiser, East Cheshire Hospice
00:38:00 - Funding Toolkit 'Broaden your Funding Streams (Cont) - Heidi Bibby, Development Officer CVS
1:17:00 - Top tips for digital fundraising - Tina Cartlidge Development Officer CVS


Digital Seminar Presentation

Funding Toolkit Seminar

Useful Links from Digital Fundraising Seminar

Two talks were held during this seminar

Funding Toolkit 'Broaden your Funding Streams': Don't be reliant on grants. Find out ways you can diversify your sources of income!

Delivered by Heidi Bibby - Development Officer CVS  & Lisa Ball - Community Fundraiser, East Cheshire Hospice 

Lisa started work at East Cheshire Hospice back in 2012 in the kitchen. After enjoying meeting the patients and families and understanding the amazing work of the Hospice, Lisa’s career progressed into working in the volunteer services team which then lead to the fundraising team. Now working as the Community Fundraiser, Lisa has been in the fundraising team for over three years of building a relationship with new and existing fundraisers to raise £500k for East Cheshire Hospice. Building relationships with the team of 600 volunteers have enhanced Lisa’s work within the fundraising team, which will be one of the main areas of discussion; People, People, People!


Top tips for digital fundraising: Find out how to make the most of online giving and mobile phone giving!

Delivered by Tina Cartlidge Development Officer CVS



Held on Wednesday 14th November 2018




 Start - DBS checks, when should you use them?, Esther Bromley, Support Staffordshire
0:48:00 - Risk Management Why it’s important for all organisations, David Brookes, Railway Children
1:04:40 - Risk Management Why it’s important for all organisations, Rob Wardle, Cr8
1:23:00 - Round Table Discussions on Risk Management (apologies for the poor audio)
1:56:00 - Final Summary, Caroline Whitney, Chief Executive, CVS

[CVS Risk Register Excel Template DOWNLOAD]


The first in a series of CVS seminars covering Governance, Resources, Infomation, People and Projects.

The seminar featured speakers on two topics Risk Management and DBS checks.

Risk management will enable you to understand and explore what risk means for your organisation and consider what risks you should be monitoring.

The DBS session will cover, should you as Trustees be DBS checked, when to check staff and volunteers and when and how you should make disclosures.