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Completing this section gives us an impression of the level of support and donations the appeal might receive. This helps us forecast the scale of the appeal and what can be provided to those seeking support from it. Any accuracy you can provide will be greatly appricated, but we do understand that when participating in donation and fundraising activities, amounts can be largely unknown or hard to predict. Feel free to leave number amounts blank if they would be difficult to answer. Ultimately we will greatly appreciate any amount of support and donations you can provide the appeal.
Monetary donations will be used to procure toys and gifts in areas where there we might have shortfalls in physical donations, generally in different age groups but also where we might be asked for gifts to meet support needs. For every £5 donated we are able to procure approx 1 toy or gift for the appeal on your behalf. Please check the main CVS Christmas Toy Appeal webpage for details on how to donate online via our online donation platform, or contact us directly to make a direct donation of funds.
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Delivery of Toy/Gift Donations
To make donating toys and gifts to the appeal easier for all in our community, we set up various donation collection points across Cheshire East. Please indicate below what location you will use or request a direct pick up from CVS, or let us know if you are able to deliver directly to our offices.
Full details and addresses of collection points can be found on the CVS Christmas Toy Appeal webpage.
We would very much like to be able to publicly promote your support in our campaigning for the appeal. This would include our website, social media platforms and the press.
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There are many festive community projects worthy of your support and we are very grateful you have chosen to support ours. To help us plan and grow support for future appeals, please share with why you were encouraged to support the CVS Christmas Toy Appeal.