Remote working

Central governement have advised if possible that staff should work from  home.  If you don't currently have a process in place there are a number of organisations that are providing free access to online services due to COVID-19 and the increased need. 


If you need support to pay for small changes to your service e.g. buying Zoom etc please speak to CVS as we have funding available to support this.


Accessing your information online

  • Dropbox - Dropbox is offering free Dropbox Business subscriptions for a three-month period to nonprofits and NGOs that are focused on fighting COVID-19. Organisations working to stop the virus or providing relief to those impacted are encouraged to apply.
  • Microsoft Office 365 offers free charities licences enabling you to save your data and access it remotely.  This is available through Charity Digital Exchange or Microsoft 
  • Google are offering free access to charitable organisations to thier G-suite offering online access to file saving 


For Virtual/Video meetings there are a number of different types of software you can use;  

  • If you have Microsoft 365 you can have public and private meetings using Teams
  • Zoom - they are a webinar software and discounts are available for charities
  • Google also have online meeting and webinar functions through their G-suite for charitable organisations.

A good place for software which can support remote working is available through Charity Digital Exchange


Sources of Digital Advice

Digital Candle -

  • One free hour of expert digital advice for charities - prioritise support for charities looking for urgent help to ensure business continuity


CITA - Tech Surgery -

  • An opportunity to take a step back and review all of your organisation’s usage of IT.
  • Match you with an IT Volunteer help you develop a digital (IT) strategy in support of your key objectives.
  • Cost - Small Admin fee for the support


Please contact us if you want some advice on this and we will aim to help.

How can charities best support their staff working from home? 

Since the UK government advised that employees work from home to contain the spread of COVID-19, millions of workers have gone remote. That means a whole host of employees who have never worked from home are having to adjust.


Read CharityJob’s blog with tips on how to best manage your teams remotely.

Trustee Meetings

It is important that you maintain good goverance for the charity/community group over the coming months but may not want your trustees to meet.  Guidance from the charity commission is that your trustees can meet virtually as long as they can see and hear each other.  During this time they are aiming to support charities to continue to deliver services and maintain governance. 

AGMs and other meetings: postponing or cancelling meetings

Coronavirus is having a major impact on charity events and the government’s health advice may lead to some charities having no choice but to decide to cancel or postpone their AGMs and other critical meetings.

If as trustees, you decide it is necessary to do so, you should record this decision to demonstrate good governance of your charity. This is particularly important if it is not possible to hold your AGM which may make it difficult for you to finalise your annual reports and accounts.

Wherever possible, we would ask you to try to get your annual reports to us on time. However, where the situation impacts on the completion of annual returns and accounts, charities with an imminent filing date can email us.

Please include your charity name and charity registration number when you email us:

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for the charity sector

Holding meetings online or by telephone

In the current situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold face-to-face meetings. Some charities have clauses in their governing documents that allow them to meet virtually or to use telephone facilities, so we advise trustees to check their governing document and see if they can make amendments themselves to facilitate changes as to how or when meetings are held.

Where there is no such clause in your governing document and you decide to hold meetings over the phone or using digital solutions, we will understand but you should record this decision and that you have done this to demonstrate good governance of your charity.