Update 06/12/19

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DPS for Skills Providers and Training Provision, Skills For Growth: Cheshire and Warrington: ESF

If your organisation has a training programme which employers do/could use to support the training and development of their staff then this tender may be of interest to you.


Brexit - Deal or No Deal - how will it affect you? 

We have been asked by Cheshire East, who are putting no deal plans in place, how the sector is planning for a no deal Brexit.


My response was, not sure, lets find out. 


So I have put together a short survey to find out what you are doing to prepare for a no deal Brexit.

If your instant response is, it doesn't affect my service you might be right but there are some areas I would encourage you to consider:

Update: 07/02/19

Over the last few months, we have been supporting one of our members around a strategic issue relating to commissioning and from this work, there are a few actions that are now going to happen:


·       Cheshire East Council wish to be part of a meeting/event with small and rural VCFS organisations to discuss how we can work together more effectively when it comes to service delivery and ensure that the smaller organisations are able to be part of partnerships or have the chance to bid to deliver services.

Update 14/03/19

The New Homes Bonus funding has been announced and all bidders have been notified, congratulations to those that achieved funding it was a very competitive process and so you should be proud of your bids. If you didnt get the funding don't be too disheartened as overall the funding was 7x over subscribed and so your bid may have been very good but you just missed out. 


Updated 04/02/19

The Early Help Framework closed for new applications and the successful bidders have been notified by Cheshire East Council.


There were two services recently tendered:

Universal Information & Advice service - this closed on 2nd February 2019 

Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People's Service - Closes on 12th February 2019



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