Update - October 2019

We have been working with the CCG to look at how we can build better relationships between the health system and the Voluntary sector. 


On 5th September at the CEO Network leaders from the sector spoke with Tracey Cole, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, this meeting provided an opportunity to discuss some current issues on health and how the VCFS and the CCG's can work together to have a strong voice and deliver services.  During this meeting Tracey shared the health challenges that the CCG is aiming to address and there was a good discussion on how the sector can quantify what it delivers to support the health secotr and how we measure this. 


There was agreement that relationships needed to be managed more constructively especially around times when the funding for services may be changing or reducing and how we communicate or challenge these issues. 


There was a desire to understand the new health systems, ICPs, PCNs, Care Communities - what are they and how can the sector influence and be involved in them.

The group talked about wider underlying issues that effect health such as poverty and how as a sector we can support health to look at these issues. 

From the meeting there was a clear desire to keep talking, to have improved communications and continue to develop trust. 


Since this meeting CVS have been working to arrange a health focused meeting bringing together the health leaders to talk to the sector about the new systems being developed. 

We are pleased that on Monday 25th November we will have speakers from The CCG, the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), The Primary Care Networks (PCN's), the Care Communities and the Cheshire East Partnership 5 year Plan

This event will provide an overview of all the different areas, how they will link in together and continue the initial discussion on how the sector can support and work with the health systems to improve the lives of our local community.  Bookings for this will open soon. 


In the recent Voice survey the main relationship that the sector wanted to develop was with the 2 CCG’s.  Over the next 12 months it will be a priority for CVS to work with our colleagues in the CCG to do this.

Many of you will be aware that there are some significant changes planned across Cheshire with the 4 CCG’s working together in the development of a single commissioner and two Integrated Care Partnerships in Cheshire.

Here is a very brief summary of the planned changes.

  1. The 4 CCG's voted to to work towards creating a single CCG across Cheshire by April 2020.  The appointed Clare Watson as the Accountable Officer in January 2019 and she is leading this work currently. 
  2. 2x Integrated Care Partnerships (ICP's) are currently being developed,  - these bodies will be coterminus with Cheshire East and Cheshire West local authority areas.  The ICP's  aim is to integrate care around the populations served and to do this by working in partnership and in some cases pooling budgets with social care and public health.
  3. There are Care Communities being developed  - For a number of years GP practices and community care teams have worked together in "clusters" which serve populations of c. 30,000 to 50,000 people. Building on this foundation, they are committed to developing Care Communities across Cheshire to provide a greater emphasis on supporting self-care and self management of long-term conditions as well as ensuring that specific local issues and priorities are incorporated into the design and delivery of care. The involvement of third sector organisations will be key to this model. 

In terms of budgets, the CCG will contract with the ICP which will then sub-contract care communities. In other words – they will have their own budget. It is then for partners to work together and for all public services to consider how best to tailor their care community model to improve the health and care of local people and meet local need. 

CVS and Cheshire West Voluntary Action have been involved with the recruitment process for the Accountable Officer and also 2 of the Executive positions who will work closely with the Voluntary Sector.

We are making links with the CCG teams and will keep this section updated.  You can also access previous updates/newsletters on the programmes from the CCG here

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