Early Help Framework

Updated 04/02/19

The Early Help Framework closed for new applications and the successful bidders have been notified by Cheshire East Council.


There were two services recently tendered:

Universal Information & Advice service - this closed on 2nd February 2019 

Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People's Service - Closes on 12th February 2019



Updated 01/11/18

The Framework has reopened for applications and will close on 12th November.  CVS will be putting in support days to help organisations that wish to bid through the framework. For support please email enquiries@cvsce.org.uk


The next two contracts being released through the Framework are:

  • Universal Information & Advice service for local residents including financial inclusion support services;

The key outcome for this contract is that local people are able to access the financial advice they need, leading to  areduced demand on statutory services.


The indicative value of this contract is £332,000 per year over a 3 year period (with an option to extend for 2 further years).  A single contract will be awarded and the services will expected to be delivered across all of Cheshire East.  Partnership bids will be accepted. 

Partnership building day for this 12th November 2018 Book here


  • Children and Young Peoples Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service (which include Emotionally Healthy Schools and Early Intervention and Prevention services for Children and Young People.

The key outcome for this service is to provide support to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of young people as part of an integrated approach with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and universal services such as schools. 


The indicative value of this contract is £1.7 million over a 4 year period this would be split down as £600k in Year 1 and 2 and £240k in year 3 and 4.  This is due to funding for Emotionally Healthy schools ending in Year 2.  The service would be expected to build sustainability for year 3 and 4. 


It is expected one contract will be awarded and the service should cover all Cheshire East.  They will accept patnership applications. 

Partnership building day for this 5th November 2018 Book here


Click here for the slides from the Market Place event - This has more details on each of the Calls. 

It is expected both calls will be released through the Early Help Framework from 30th November to 4th January. 

You will need to be on the Framework to lead a bid for one of these calls. 


Updated: 08/08/18

We attended and supported the facilitation of the Early Help Framework provider meeting where the two initial contracts were discussed with the providers.


Some summary information is that:

There is a cut off date of 20th August for existing providers to return their completed ICT sections and signed contracts.  This has to happen for any opportunities to be issued through the framework


Dates for tenders are:

  • Mid/late August - Social inclusion and loneliness and Sensory Impairment contracts
  • Sept/Oct - Financial Inclusion 
  • April 19 - Childrens and Young Peoples mental health services


Outline details for each of the two contracts was provided they include:

Social inclusion and loneliness

Service vision

Our vision is for a range of services and innovative solutions to be offered to improve social networks and community connectedness in Cheshire East. 

The priority groups within this age range who are at particular risk include:

  • frail, older people living alone aged 65+, or where through their disability and/or due to health conditions are not able to access support
  • people with dementia and/or living with long-term health conditions
  • people with a learning disability and/or autism who may display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition and physical disabilities

Delivery is seperated into 3 lots (areas)

LOT 1 North Area Patch 1 (Knutsford, Wilmslow and Poynton) and Patch 2(Macclesfield)

LOT 2 Central Area Patch 3 (Congleton and Holmes Chapel) and Patch 4 (Sandbach, Middlewich and Alsager)

LOT 3 South Area     Patch 5 (Crewe) and Patch 6 (Nantwich and Rural)

Total contract value is £120,000 per year.  2 year contract with potential of 2 extensions of 12 months


Sensory impairments

Service Vision

Our vision in Cheshire East is for a co-ordinated sensory support service for people with sensory impairments.  The service must focus on early intervention and prevention, including the development of innovative solutions to support and empower people to remain independent, improve life chances, health and wellbeing outcomes.

This is an all age service to be delivered across all of Cheshire East.

This will be a single contract with an expected lead and subcontractor/partnership approach.

The total contract value is £70,000 per year.  2 Year contract with potential of 2 extensions of 12 months


Over the next couple of weeks CVS will be making contact with providers on the framework to offer support and guidance in the bidding process including working with them to identify partners that may not be on the framework who may add value to their delivery model. 


Many of you will have gone through the process to bid to be on the Early Help Framework and naviagated the new ICT security questionnaire that was included. 


The Early Help Framework has now notified the successful applicants, congratulations if you were successful, all successful organisations should have been invited to a meeting to talk through the first contracts that will be released for these organisations to bid for. 


If you bid to be on the Framework and you haven't had a response please log onto the Chest portal and send a message to the team as all applicants should have been notified. 

If you bid and have been told you haven't made it onto the framework or you didn't bid at all then don't panic there are still opportunties for you to be able to be part of services that are delivered.


The first option is that you make contact with a successful organisation and work in partnership with them.  Organisations that are on the framework have the option of partnering with organisations that aren't on the framework. 

  • We can support you to find partners if you aren't on the framework.  If you contact Caroline our Cheif Exec she will make sure a notice is put out through the Chest and will help you find a partner 


The second option is to wait until the framework opens again and bid again.  It is expected that the framework will reopen again late 2018/early 2019.  You will miss out on the upcoming opportunties but there will be future contracts being delivered through the framework. 


The ICT Security questionnaire - it has been acknowledged by everyone including individuals at the Council that this didn't work right, either for the council or for us as bidders.  We will be working with the council to review this questionnaire and we would appreciate you sharing your comments on this.  We will be putting a short survey together but you can share your views through this blog or emailing Caroline.


We will keep this blog updated with progress on the Early Help Framework 


If you want any further support on this it is being led by Caroline our Chief Exec who can be contacted on caroline.whitney@cvsce.org.uk or 07792 754904

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